Top 10 Tips on Nail Polish & The Nail Art World

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Nail polish and nail art are still a huge part of fashion trends and the minute and I'm going to give you some pointers when buying nail polish online. 

I live in the UK, so I apologise if this doesn't apply to those reading farther afield. I started doing nails over two years ago and haven't looked back. The nail community online is strong and very supportive of new artists. My home is Instagram and I have actually made some friends there, (@macnails). 

When I first started my nail polish collection, I would buy anything and everything, especially if it was cheap. But two years on, I have all this cheap nail polish that I will never wear! So here are my top ten tips to remember when you're buying nail polish!
  1. Don't buy it just because its cheap! If its a colour you wont wear a lot or it isn't an established brand, chances are you're wasting your money as two things will happen, 1, you won't use it or 2, it'll be poor quality and will chip, stain or have harsh chemicals, I know 50 nail polishes for £20 on eBay sounds fantastic, but brandless sales like this are very poor quality and will be a waste of money!
  2. Do buy 3-Free polishes. These are nail polishes without the 3 main harmful chemicals, toluene, DBP and formaldehyde! Yes they sound scary (and they are). Most top brands are 3 free such as OPI, Butter London, Revlon, Sally Hansen.
  3. Do buy a good base coat and top coat, these are essential to a lasting manicure! I won't let nail polish touch my natural nails without a base coat anymore! Quick Drying nail polishes can dehydrate your natural nail plate leading to breakages or splitting. Try Nina Pro Diamond Hardener and Fast Dry Top Coat
  4. Be gentle with your nails. Try not to use pure acetone on them and if you want to grow your natural nails, find a product that suits you and stick to it! Nails like routine, try Essie Grow Stronger with CND Solar Oil. Do not file them side to side, instead file in one direction slowly. If you need to shorten your nails, try scissors or nail clippers, this will reduce splitting to your nails! Try a good hand cream such as Clarins Hand and Nail treatment cream (my absolute favourite).
  5. Beware of fake brands online, if prices seem too good to be true, they usually are. Look out for signs such as the bottle lids and names, can you find this polish any where else? No point in paying for an inferior product, as it won't be the genuine stuff in the bottle
  6. Do check out drug store brands such as Sally Hansen, Revlon, Barry M, Rimmel London. These brands are well established and offer a vast collection of great nail polishes. Barry M are my favourite drug store brand, So many colours to chose from!
  7. Beware of Instagram sales, swaps, giveaways and competitions. Many people do hold genuine competitions but I have heard of people not sending out the goods. IG Veterans sometimes have blacklists for these users that hold fake giveaways to gain more followers.
  8. Don't steal other peoples photos without credit. Some girls work so hard on their nail art and its not fair to take it without credit and its also against the law. If you wish to repost someones work, tag them or message them before hand and post with full credit and a link to where you found the photo!
  9. Do add a watermark to any photos you upload online. Unfortunately there are people who steal photos, so to prove that a photo is your own, download a photo editing app to your phone or computer and add your profile name or link over your work.
  10. Have fun!! The nail art community is supposed to be fun and the designs are endless :)

Hope this helps some people who are new to nail art and nail polish! If you have any questions, please feel free to comment :)

Thank you!
H @macnails
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