Top 10 funny books for kids (Aged 8-12 approx)

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 We’ve all been there, a birthday is coming up (or, dare I say, Christmas) and though you know your son/daughter/niece/grandson/god-child (delete as appropriate!) perfectly well thank you very much, you just cannot get your head around gift buying.  While I can’t help you with the latest X-Box game, or the best Lego set to choose, I am something of an expert in Children’s and YA books and would love an opportunity to show off. I mean, help out. This guide is all about finding the perfect funny book. I'm a buzzagent, and a librarian, so you can trust me.

What I won’t do:

I’m not going to give you fixed age ratings here, because we all know kids mature at different rates and have reading ages above beyond and sideways of their chronological age, but I will give you some idea as to the content so you can choose for yourself.

I’m also not so keen on stating if a book is for boys/girls, as there are so many that are aimed at both, and again, who knows what your child will want to read – all it takes is that perfect book – perfect for them.

What I will do:

Er…suggestions. Ideas, if you will.
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Diary style

A big one – and one kids can’t seem to get enough of! The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series by Jeff Kinney
These books have sparked a whole range of diary-style fiction and don’t show any sign of going out of fashion. They’re funny, silly books about a boy called Greg, his doting friend Rowley, and all the troubles they can get into at home and at school. They have a lot of cartoon-style pictures in there, and look like they’re written on a notebook all the way through and they’re perfect for fairly able readers, (or reluctant ones) with a sense of fun, and who like light-hearted, entertaining books. The latest one (just in time for Christmas!) is ‘The Long Haul’. Suitable for any age, really, but Greg is supposed to be about 11 in the first book, so I’d assume it’ll appeal to 9+.
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If they already have it/love Wimpy Kid...

If they like this book, or already have the series, try:

Big Nate – by Lincoln Peirce – more comic book style.

World of Norm – Jonathan Meres – a More British version, equally silly, higher vocab than Wimpy kid

Tom Gates – Liz Pichon – fewer words, hilariously funny series, more pictures.

Dork Diaries – Rachel Renèe Russell – a funny series about the trouble a girl can get into instead – Nikki is a total dork, and gets into hilarious scrapes in her new school.

Donut Diaries - Anthony McGowan - A hilarious book, a bit more substantial than Wimpy Kid, but with enough comic style pictures to keep them entertained. This one is about a fat kid called Dermot, his dietician, friends and bullies at school... and a monkey.
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Realistic or school related funny

David Walliams – the comedian writes some brilliantly funny books – the latest is Awful Auntie, but any of the others are great too! My favourite is probably Gangsta Granny, but you really can’t go wrong with Mr Stink, Boy in the Dress, or Ratburger. These are amazing books, both funny, sweet, and often pretty thought-provoking. All in a Dahl style package.

The  Georgia Nicholson Series by Louise Rennison - A laugh-out-loud (and no, I will not write LOL, darn it) series about your typical teenage girl, the ridiculous antics she and her friends get up to, and her problems with boys. Though the titles are a bit provocative ( Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging is the first title in the series), and she does get a boyfriend (or two!) throughout the series, these books are by no means too adult, and I'd say they'd be popular with the 11+ group.

Louis Sachar – Author of Holes, some of his most touching books are also his most funny. I’m a big fan of:
  • There’s a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom, which tells the tale of Bradley, a funny but misunderstood boy who everyone at school hates, until a new boy starts, and a school councillor gets involved.
  • Having said that, the Wayside school series is great, especially good for younger kids, or those who struggle slightly with reading. And it's pretty funny too!

Geek Girl – Holly Smale -This is a brilliant book - all about an incredibly geeky girl (as the title suggests!), who, through a series of odd events, manages to get signed up as a model. Which confuses both her, and her best friend. Her thought processes are really funny, and this is a great story.

Wait, there was more than 10 in there, wasn't there? Apologies. I could re-title it:
'Top 'More than 10' funny books for kids', but it's a bit wordy, right?

Until next time!

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