Top 10 iPad Accessories

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iPads are famous for their wide variety of apps, third-party programs that allow the machines to do virtually anything. However, iPads also owe part of their adaptability to their many available accessories. Third-party accessories protect iPads, make it easier for users to interface with the machines, or just provide some extra fun. Which accessories consumers need depends on their interests and how they use the iPad. Very few users need accessories in every major category. However, a brief review of some of the best accessories in each category is a good way to let new users know what is out there.
1 Griffin Technology Survivor Case
Griffin Technology Survivor Case

iPads are not invulnerable, so a practical accessory is a good protective carrying case. Some iPad cases offer minimal protection but look great. The Survivor looks good, but it is also water-resistant and can protect against vibration and even falls of up to two metres.


2 Motorola Motorokr S9 HD Headphones

Since the whole point of an iPad is its portability, anyone using the tablet for anything noisy, from music to movies to gaming, needs a good pair of headphones so as not to bother other people in public. Motorokr headphones have high definition sound, are lightweight and wireless, and include a microphone for added functionality.


3 ZAGGfolio Keyboard
ZAGGfolio Keyboard
Not every iPad user needs a keyboard, especially since some iPads can do voice diction, but for serious writers a real keyboard multiplies the iPad's functionality. The ZAGGfolio is not only a Bluetooth keyboard; it also doubles as a convenient stand.
4 Divoom Bluetooth Solo Speaker
Divoom Bluetooth Solo Speaker

Anyone serious about listening to music on an iPad needs an external speaker and the Solo is a good pick. Small enough to fit in a pocket but packing a great sound, wireless, and available at affordable prices, the Solo is just as portable and convenient as the iPad is.


5 Vulkano Flow

A number of accessories connect an iPad to a TV screen, turning the TV screen into a second, very big and not-at-all-portable iPad screen. But even better is Vulkano Flow, which connects to the user's cable service and turns an iPad into a second and very portable TV.


6 Wacom Bamboo Stylus

Apple designed the iPad for fingertip control, not for use with a experience a player needs more than a joystick. For the whole game arcade package, there is the iCade. The iCade is an iPad stand that looks and functions like a miniature arcade game, complete with authentic game controls.


7 Steady Stylus

The Steady Stylus has a T-shaped grip so it is easier for people with mobility or dexterity issues to use. Not everyone can extend just one finger in order to operate a touch screen, but users who can firmly grasp the T-shaped handle in one fist can go ahead and use everything the iPad has to offer this way. A unique conductive tip and plug system activate the screen accurately and without drag.


8 Mouthstick Stylus

Like the Steady Stylus, the Mouthstick Stylus is for users who have trouble using their hands to work an iPad screen. As the name implies, the user holds this stylus by mouth. The grip is food-grade plastic and the tip is durable, accurate, and without drag.


9 ThinkGeek JOYSTICK-IT Joystick

Many games work better with a joystick, and ThinkGeek JOYSTICK-IT works very well with an iPad. The joystick is conveniently small, about thumb size. It is also wireless, and sticks right on to an iPad screen using a small, clear disc.


10 ION iCade
ION iCade

iPads can play classic 1980s' arcade games like Pacman, but to really get the video game experience a player needs more than a joystick. For the whole game arcade package, there is the iCade. The iCade is an iPad stand that looks and functions like a miniature arcade game, complete with authentic game controls.

How to Buy iPad Accessories on eBay

eBay has a wide variety of iPad accessories, often at very good prices. To browse through the listing, try a basic search with the keyword 'iPad accessories' and then narrow the results down as needed using the menu options. Some interesting and surprising items could come up. To look for something specific, use the Advanced Search option. If any questions come up about a listing, go ahead and ask the seller. There is a convenient contact link on each seller's profile page. The seller's profile page also features his or her feedback rating and return policy, plus any other policies or even special deals available. With the right iPad accessories, you are ready for a complete iPad experience.
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