Top 10 listings tips for Selling on eBay

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There are many ways to list items on ebay, some seller choose to spend lots of money on flashy shop fronts and make their ebay shop look like a commercial website, when done correctly this can often lead to increased sales but comes at a heavy price, however we have found from experience that eBay buyers like a consistent format so we made a decision a long time ago to stick with a standard format, below are some tips in order to clinch the sale

  1. Use a basic listing template provided by eBay or use a simple one of your own, dont try to make your listings look too flashy as it distracts people from the point of the listing
  2. Make sure the headline title is the first thing you see, avoid using light colours which might be difficult to to read for example (blue on black)
  3. Keep the description punchy and to the point
  4. ALWAYS ALWAYS use high resolution pictures, and if the listing permits, upload additional pictures of your product from different angles
  5. Use keywords - by this I mean think about what you would type in to find your item on eBay and ensure those words appear in your title.   Your listings contents are not indexed so the title is the clincher
  6. Use the Listings Analytics Tool to review your listing success, it can be very useful to follow the sales process from end to end and tell you where the sale is failing
  7. Offer a returns policy, you will gain buyer confidence if they have the ability to return the item
  8. If your a business seller, come up with a brand and logo and pick a colour theme consistent with your brand, you would be surprised how a brand again gains buyer confidence and helps win the sale
  9. Ensure you populate your listings Item specifics, this allows buyers who are uncertain of what to search for to find your listings by browsing the relevant categories from the eBay front page
  10. Ensure you specific the EAN, Brand and MTN on all your listings, this allows eBay to publish your products to the Google Product Search pages, increasing the target market and thus your sales
I hope you have found our Top 10 tips useful
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