Top 3 Bagpipe Makers

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Top 3 Bagpipe Makers

A traditional and difficult wind instrument, the bagpipe are an important part of Scottish culture. Playing the bagpipes well takes a great deal of skill and practice. When searching for a finely crafted, excellent sounding instrument, consider one of the top three bagpipe makers who have a strong reputation for the quality of their instruments.


Wallace Bagpipes

Based in Glasgow, Scotland, Wallace Bagpipes produce 100 per cent Scottish made bagpipes. Master craftsman, Craig Munro, works to combine the best of both worlds with traditional bagpipe manufacturing and cutting edge sounds. The company also uses a combination of CNC and manual machining operation to turn all parts. The pipes consist of the finest quality, aged African Blackwood. Projection mounts consist of imitation ivory, and ferrules are plain or engraved nickel, sterling silver, or imitation ivory. Available engraved designs include a fire department theme, celtic knots, runic, lion rampant, thistle, Wallace knots, runic knots, or shamrocks.


David Naill and Co. Bagpipes

Based in Somerset, England, David Naill and Co. has been in production for over 30 years, and they are known for producing finely crafted pipes and ferrules with precision tooling. Master craftsman, Les Cowell, produces bagpipes with hand engraved metalwork using in-house silversmiths. Many a high-level competitor has won awards with Naill bagpipes and solo chanters. These bagpipes consist of either polypenco or African Blackwood. The projection mounts can consist of imitation ivory, or sterling silver. Ferrules feature sterling silver, nickel, or imitation ivory. Premium models of bagpipes feature all engraved sterling silver ferrules, ring caps, tuning slides, projection mounts, and a mouthpiece. Available engraved designs include, thistle, new runic, new dragon, repousse, Victorian, and custom engraving. David Naill and Co. also provides refurbishing of used bagpipes.


RG Hardie and Co. Bagpipes

A merger of RG Hardie and Co. and Peter Henderson Ltd., this maker produces some of the finest sounding bagpipes in the world and has over 50 years of experience. Also located in Glasgow, Scotland, Alastair Dunn leads the company. He and Duncan Campbell, who has been with RG Hardie and Co. since 1962, worked together to develop the company's line of bagpipes. RG Hardie bagpipes consist of African Blackwood, with nickel or imitation ivory elements. These Henderson bagpipes also consist of African Blackwood, with a choice of imitation ivory, engraved nickel, or engraved sterling silver elements. Available engraving designs include thistle, celtic, zoomorphic, and Victorian styles.

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