Top 3 Books by Alfie Clover

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Top 3 Books by Alfie Clover

Alfie Clover creates interactive children's books that are both educational and fun. Each of the books contains magnetic play scenes and help children to learn valuable language skills. There are several books for parents to choose from, so they should start by considering the popular titles in the range of Alfie Clover educational children's books.


"Let's Play Diggers" by Alfie Clover

"Let's Play Diggers" by Alfie Clover is a popular pre-school learning book. This magnetic book appeals to children that are fascinated by dumper trucks, heavy machinery, and all things in the world of building sites. There are four digger magnets, each of a different style and colour, two dumper trucks, and two bulldozers. The book contains short phrases such as, "The cement mixer is in front of the traffic cones", that tell the child where to place the magnets. A compartment on the cover stores all of the magnets neatly at the end of playtime. The book is only a few pages long, so it is appropriate for even the shortest of attention spans.


"Wild Animals" by Alfie Clover

Alfie Clover's "Wild Animals" contains fun jungle scenes and magnets featuring elephants, monkeys, crocodiles, and tigers. Four different themes within the book promote word association and interactive play. Short sentences on each page help the child to choose the right magnet to complete the scene. When all of the pages are complete, children can play with the magnets on a giant fold-out play scene that comes with the book. This children's pre-school book is sturdy and withstands regular use by toddlers.


"Under the Sea" by Alfie Clover

For children fascinated by the ocean and its many animals, the Alfie Clover book, "Under the Sea", is an excellent choice. Marine-themed magnets feature sharks, crabs, starfish, coral, and even a submarine. This educational book guides children with short phrases, such as, "The submarine enters the coral reef", which helps children to learn the names of sea creatures and their habitats. This pre-school book also features a giant fold-out play scene, where little ones can recreate the events from the story or invent their own scenes. The hardback book is built to withstand the wear and tear of daily use by young children. Its colourful, educational magnetic toys have the ability to inspire a child's imagination.

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