Top 3 Champion Spark Plugs

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Top 3 Champion Spark Plugs

In the 1970s, Champion introduced the first iridium spark plugs, and many still seek these products for their promise of longevity and improved ignition quality. When shopping for the top three Champion spark plugs, customers should first know how to tell if a spark plug needs replacing, obtain a general knowledge of available plugs, and understand how to install a new product.


Determining which Spark Plug is Failing

Before shopping for new spark plugs, most vehicle owners need to investigate which plugs have blown. This requires working through each plug one at a time. A burnt out spark plug shows a black soot-like substance on the end that inserts into the outlet. Replace each one back into the socket from which it came, as misplaced spark plugs fire out of order. This might cause significant damage to the engine over time or prevent the engine from turning on all together.


Top 3 Champion Spark Plugs

The Champion spark plug family of products includes four main lines: Platinum Power, Double Platinum Power, Champion Iridium, and Copper Plus. The first three constitute the top spark plugs the company offers. Platinum Power products enhanced performance in vehicles that typically use copper spark plugs with nickel and platinum centre electrodes as well as a Champion trademarked alloy meant to control engine temperature. Double Platinum Power spark plugs build on the features of the Platinum Power products in that they contain platinum centre electrodes as well as platinum pads on their ground electrodes. This helps create the longer life auto owners desire from this hardware. Champion Iridium products include the fine-wire iridium electrode centre that made the brand famous. They promise to bring a longer life than other plugs and help extend the time between tune-up visits to the mechanic. Although not in the top three for modern auto owners, Champion Copper Plus spark plugs meet the needs of smaller engines like lawnmowers and power tools, and some may find them more appropriate for antique vehicles.


Installing a New Champion Spark Plug

In order to install your new Champion spark plug, the engine must cool completely. When ready, collect a ratchet socket drive wrench, an extension rod, a wire brush, a spark plug socket, and a feeler gauge. Begin by removing the older hardware, and pull the wire plug from the point closest to the engine. Use the wrench and rod to slowly loosen the old spark plug out of place. Next, clean the threads along the rim of the spark plug socket hole with the wire brush, and insert the new hardware using the ratchet socket wrench and extension bar.

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