Top 3 Chimney Sweeps

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Top 3 Chimney Sweeps

Sweeping is an important part of keeping your chimney clean. Cleaning helps ensure the chimney can perform its main tasks properly, including funnelling away gases, smoke, sparks, hot ashes, and soot. You can call for a professional chimney sweeper or try to maintenance your own chimney as a DIY task. To do the job yourself, you need the top tools, including a chimney hand brush, rod, and grabber, to get the job done correctly.


Chimney Hand Brushes

A chimney hand brush is a small tool that allows you to focus on small areas as well as clean inside the chimney. Hand brushes are small enough to operate by hand. You can find them in various sizes and materials for any job. Hand brushes can incorporate tapered, fibre, or nylon bristles. Brushes are available in different shapes, such as the noodle brush that is flexible enough to bend backwards and thus reach difficult areas. Use this to clean heat tubes, smoke chambers, heat exchangers, and other parts of the chimney that are inside the house. Be sure to use the brushes carefully as well as protect furniture and rugs in the immediate area of the chimney and fireplace when cleaning. Covering furniture and floors before cleaning the chimney is a good idea to prevent soot damage.


Chimney Rods

A chimney rod is the long stick that you need to attach to the chimney brush. While you can reach close areas with a designated hand brush, you need a larger brush and rod to clean the chimney starting from your roof. There are separate rods for both metal and masonry chimneys. Sometimes you can also buy several rods and attach them to each other if one is not long enough. The rods are crucial for large chimneys in particular. Flexible rods allow you also to deal with complicated chimneys and reach every part of them. Be sure to use caution when working on the roof and use appropriate safety equipment, such as goggles, ladders, and harnesses.


Chimney Grabbers

The chimney grabber is a useful tool if you need to remove bricks from the chimney. You can grab the brick and pull it out. This tool is also essential for other kinds of debris. In addition, you could use one to remove a trapped animal from the chimney. Attach the grabber onto a rope and threaded pipe in order to open its jaws. Lower the grabber inside your chimney, grab the debris, and pull it out in no time. These smart tools are functional and may save you from headaches.

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