Top 3 Christmas Ribbon Types

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Top 3 Christmas Ribbon Types

Christmas is a time of celebrating family and often decorating like it's become a part time job. There are tens of thousands of Christmas ornaments and decorations, from Christmas bulbs and trees to Christmas ribbons of various types. Nylon, satin, and velvet Christmas ribbons are especially common around the holidays, usually in festive colours and sometimes wired for structure.


Nylon and Other Synthetic Christmas Ribbons

Nylon and other synthetic materials make up the most common type of Christmas ribbon: ribbon for decorating gifts. This type of ribbon generally comes on a spool. The buyer unwraps a generous length from the spool, cuts it, and ties it securely around a gift, usually ending in an elaborate Christmas bow. Sometimes shops sell it already shaped into a bow or rosette and attached to an adhesive, allowing buyers to remove a protective sheet from the adhesive and simply press the bow onto a gift. Nylon Christmas ribbon can be of any colour, although green, red, and gold are common around Christmas time. Synthetic Christmas ribbon is quite durable and can be reused for years. However, it is also affordable even in bulk, so many people prefer the easiest route of throwing it away or recycling it after the holidays.


Wired Christmas Ribbons

Wired Christmas ribbons are laced with a thin, bendable wire inside the velvet, silk, or synthetic ribbon material. The wire allows it to hold a structure. Many wired Christmas ribbons are pre-shaped into bows for decorating Christmas trees. However, shoppers can also find wired ribbons as outdoor holiday decorations, Christmas car décor, or even Christmas-themed hair bows. Using wired Christmas ribbons does have some disadvantages; for example, the ribbon is less easily washed, and sometimes the wires become worn and twisted from reshaping, distorting the bow. However, wired Christmas bows remain a holiday staple because of their convenience and affordability.


Velvet Christmas Ribbons

Velvet has been a traditional Christmas fabric for decades, so velvet Christmas ribbons are in abundance around the holidays. This ribbon type is available for decorating trees, the home, or hair. Some cities even hang velvet Christmas ribbons from their street lamps and signposts to get people into the holiday spirit. Genuine velvet can be made from silk, nylon, or cotton. Nylon in particular is durable, while silk or cotton might have a more plush appearance and the velvety texture people have to come to associate with the fabric. Velvet Christmas ribbons are sometimes wired to give them structure, so they do not simply hang limply when placed. This kind of ribbon is available in an assortment of colours, including traditional Christmas colours like red, green, and gold.

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