Top 3 Degu Toys for Pets

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Top 3 Degu Toys for Pets

Degus are small rodents originally from South America, with large ears and a bushy tuft of hair at the end of their tails. Their playful and curious nature make them fun pets; they are social animals and thrive in pairs or small groups. To keep a pet happy and healthy in its degu cage, it needs toys that are stimulating. There are many types of degu toys available, including exercise wheels, gnawing blocks, and tunnels.


Degu Exercise Wheels

Degu wheels are similar to hamster or rat wheels, but they are usually slightly larger. They are available in a number of materials and designs. Metal wheels are usually affordable and durable, but they often squeak, which can irritate the degu's owner. Plastic exercise wheels are typically silent, but are not as durable. As degus tend to chew any object in their cages, buyers should be wary of buying plastic products because ingesting plastic is dangerous to the health of degus. Wooden exercise wheels are a better option, but they need to be replaced more frequently than other materials.


Degu Gnawing Blocks

Degus teeth grow continuously, so it is extremely important that they have appropriate objects to gnaw that file down their teeth. Wooden gnawing blocks are the most popular material because they are usually inexpensive and appeal to most degus. Some of these pet supplies are small enough for degus to pick up and hold while they chew, whereas others are large enough for them to climb on. There are degu gnawing blocks with holes for hay or treats, which make the experience more interactive. Wooden toys for other small animals, such as parrots, also make good gnawing blocks for degus.


Degu Tunnel Toys

In the wild, degus like to burrow and live in underground tunnels. Owners should consider adding degu tunnel toys to the cage. They are available in many materials, including wood, plastic, fabric, and cardboard. Fabric tunnels are safe for degus, but they are not a durable choice. Cardboard tunnels are often chewed quickly by degus, but they are pet toys that are inexpensive and easy to replace.

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