Top 3 Dress Fabrics

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Top 3 Dress Fabrics

Making a dress is a great way to have fun and add to your wardrobe, but you might not know which fabrics work best for dressmaking. On eBay, you can find dozens of different beautiful fabrics to choose from including various cotton fabrics, satin, silk, knits, and more. While you do need the right kind of fabric for your pattern, it is easy to get started by choosing from one of the top three dress fabrics.


Cotton Dress Fabric

Cotton makes lightweight, summer dresses, although some cotton is thicker and good for autumn and spring wear as well. Cotton fabric comes in a variety of different styles, and you can choose from options such as cotton voile, cotton lawn, and standard cotton weaves. These do vary in texture, thickness, and weave, so it is important to choose a type of fabric that suits the style of the dress. Dresses with wider skirts typically require heavier cotton fabric to prevent the skirts from coming up, while summery A-line dresses and fitted dresses can use any fabric weight. Thicker cotton fabric is heavier, but also warmer and more durable. Cotton is easy to work with, comes in thousands of different prints, and is relatively inexpensive.


Knit Dress Fabric

Most people think of sweater fabric when thinking of knit, but knit fabric includes a variety of thin and thick materials. The thinnest knit fabrics include most of the stretch fabrics on the market such as elastane, Lycra, and jersey. Medium knits and thick knits are also useful for making winter dresses, although the fabric is more difficult to sew. Popular knit fabrics for dresses include Ponte Roma knit jersey and interlock knit, which is two-sided. Jersey is available in very thin knits, which makes it ideal for fitted dresses and tops, but also for fitted and A-line skirts.


Linen Dress Fabric

Linen is an ideal dress fabric for making summer, spring, and autumn dresses. Linen comes in a couple of different thicknesses but is usually medium weight. It also conducts heat very well, which makes it a versatile fabric. Linen also usually has a small amount of both stretch and stiffness, making it ideal for professional clothing, fitted dresses, and casual clothing. It is also easier to sew than most knit fabrics, which makes it ideal for beginners. Linen does come in different qualities, but while the cheapest varieties are rough and somewhat scratchy, dressmaking linen is soft and comfortable to wear.

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