Top 3 Essential Car Accessories

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Top 3 Essential Car Accessories

It is the little extras that make your vehicle special and your life more convenient. There is a huge selection of car accessories and you can find all kinds of things from bike mounts to scissor lifts. Equip your car with the top three car essentials to make travelling more fun.


Car Vacuum

Cleaning your car may be a nuisance, especially when you think about how to get to all the dust out of the interior. Dragging your big vacuum cleaner outside or into the garage is not very convenient as you often have to find extensions.Why not use a small car vacuum that plugs into the cigarette lighter and works with the car's 12-volt power instead, one which is strong enough to clean the car completely. Pay attention to the amperage, the higher it is, the more sucking power the vacuum has. Opt for a vacuum with different attachments in order to get into all nooks and crannies. In addition, some vacuums are suitable for wet cars and you could use them after washing the interior. Look for a vacuum with HEPA filters that suck out the pollen and dust mites and are thus perfect for allergy sufferers.


Bike Rack

Taking your bikes along as you go on holiday is a great way to spend more time outdoors. Often they do not fit inside the car and so it is best to mount them outside at the rear or on the top of the car. The carrier should be sturdy, but not too heavy. The typical material for a bike rack is metal. Some models also fold flat when not in use in order to save space. Some bike mounts fit up to three bicycles. Go for a bike rack that is easy to install and remove.


GPS Navigator

When going on a road trip or simply visiting a place you have never been to, it is easy to get lost. Equip your car with a quality GPS navigator as one of the accessories in order to know where you are and to get directions to your destination. Many navigators also provide you the latest traffic updates and include maps for the entire world. Online features often incorporate showing you nearby restaurants and other attractions. The system uses sites such as TripAdvisor and Expedia to locate the best places around. In terms of manufacturers, many buyers choose TomTom. Most GPS navigators come with an easy-to-operate touchscreen and you can find ones that use voice commands for hands-free operation.

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