Top 3 Ferret Toys

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Top 3 Ferret Toys

Ferrets make a nice choice for an indoor or outdoor pet. They are fun, playful, and highly intelligent. However, their intelligence makes them very picky with toys, and they can easily get bored with what they already have. Any of the top 3 ferret toys can stimulate these fuzzy cuties and keep them occupied for long periods.


Ancol Tuff Tube

Ferrets are tunnelling creatures, so the Ancol Tuff Tube is a basic toy that can alleviate their boredom inside a ferret cage. This extendable ferret tube has a length ranging between 18 and 75 cm. Easily bendable, it can transform into all sorts of interesting tunnel paths. If the ferret becomes bored exploring the tube, owners can simply twist it in a new way and create an entirely new path to explore. The plastic used to make the tuff tube is nontoxic, so it does not pose a risk with chewers, such as ferrets. Lastly, this easily washable ferret toy does not require much to stay hygienic.


Small Animal Treat Ball

Indoor ferret cages can be very spacious, but these rodents need to get out from time to time. Small animal treat balls can keep your pet occupied during its time outside the cage. This toy releases a small amount of treats as the ferret plays with it, making playtime more enjoyable, and it keeps your pet occupied within visible range. Many manufacturers produce such a toy, so make sure to find one suited specifically to small pets or rodents. Filling treat balls with ferret treats is easy. Look for ones that allow you to adjust the opening to work with treats of different sizes.


Marshal Bungee Ferret Toy

Ferrets are natural born hunters, and the Marshal Bungee ferret toy allows them to act on their instincts. Similar to any cat teaser toy, the soft strawberry duck dangles in front of the ferret, provoking it to react. The toy makes a rattling noise that attracts the ferret, so owners can even use it to call the ferret from a distance. This strategy works better than using a ferret finder to locate your pet. An elastic strip makes the Marshal Bungee toy bounce wildly, and it is almost impossible to rip or chew the material. Additionally, owners can install the toy in the cage. The metal clips allows for easy attaching and detaching from the cage bars.

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