Top 3 Gifts for a Diamond Wedding Anniversary

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Top 3 Gifts for a Diamond Wedding Anniversary

A diamond wedding anniversary, or 60th wedding anniversary, is a special occasion that requires a special gift. You can find a variety of diamond wedding anniversary gifts on eBay. Before you shop, learn about the three most popular gift options.


Diamond Jewellery

The theme for a 60th wedding anniversary is diamonds, and diamond jewellery is a traditional gift that remains popular. You can choose from diamond earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, brooches, and rings for her, and diamond cufflinks and watches with diamond inlays for him. A pave-set eternity ring is a token of love and fidelity well suited to the occasion. If your budget does not allow for genuine diamonds, consider cubic zirconia or manufactured diamond jewellery. You can also opt for Swarovski crystal jewellery, which has the sparkle of diamonds without the hefty price tag.


A Romantic Getaway

Short breaks at luxury destinations offer the couple celebrating their anniversary the opportunity to relax together in a beautiful setting. You can choose from UK or European destinations, and many packages include travel tickets. This is an excellent option for friends and family members who want to spoil married couples. You can buy this type of gift as a group, and add items such as theatre or activity tickets or meal vouchers. Choose a destination the couple loves or send them on an adventure to a place they have never visited. Alternatively, opt for a package that allows the couple to choose their destination. Many hotel groups offer flexible gift selections to various hotels in their chains.


Fond Memories Anniversary Gift Box

Over sixty years of marriage, couples collect a plethora of fond memories. Anniversary gift boxes focused on memories and mementoes are a popular option because they allow gift givers to personalise their presents and be flexible about the items they include. Several companies sell copies of old newspapers. Use a newspaper from the day the couple married as a base for this gift and include additional items. An anniversary photo frame decorated with crystals is ideal for including a recent photo or a photo of the couple on their wedding day. You can also include a pictorial timeline of their marriage by giving them a leather photo album filled with photos of their early lives, children, grandchildren, and friends. Focus on important events in their lives and include mementoes that commemorate them. You can add CDs and DVDs of music and films from yesteryear, their favourite treats, and small gifts from loved ones.

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