Top 3 Goldfish Care Products

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Top 3 Goldfish Care Products

Goldfish are what many hobbyists call excellent entry-level pets. However, simply filling a fish bowl or pond full of water and adding a couple of goldfish to it does not equate to proper goldfish care. Goldfish owners need to employ several goldfish care products and consider the pond or tank carefully to ensure the health of their fish.


Fish Pond or Tank

Goldfish possess above average resistance to illness and disease. However, goldfish owners need to pay close attention to maintaining enough space for goldfish to flourish. The general rule to follow is to place three large adult goldfish per 35 litres of pond or tank water. Goldfish tend to experience significant growth, which means the following chart only applies to healthy, full-grown adults. A goldfish bowl may provide enough space for one goldfish, but goldfish owners need to have an aquarium or pond ready for the addition of more goldfish. Studies show that goldfish thrive in longer fish ponds and tanks, as opposed to deep one. Regardless of the shape and size of their habitat, live goldfish owners need to make frequent water changes to ensure purity and clarity.


Goldfish Food

Outside of the living environment, nothing influences the health of goldfish more than diet. Goldfish can survive by eating only floating flake foods, but healthier goldfish typically consume a diet that includes frozen, freeze-dried, and live foods. Some pet food manufacturers make goldfish food that incorporates freeze-dried and frozen foods that complement the nutrition provided by flask foods. Goldfish owners need to consider protein, vitamin, and mineral levels before they decide on a brand of goldfish food to nourish their stock of goldfish. Some goldfish experts recommend mixing up the diet amongst the various sources to optimise goldfish health. Live foods provide the greatest health benefits, but they also present a high risk of transferring disease to the fish pond or tank.



A strong filtration system that circulates water vigorously is critical for ensuring goldfish health. Goldfish possess slow and ineffective digestive systems that require the fish to consume more food per gram of weight than the average fish. A good filter provides sufficient surface circulation and it moves water to prevent stagnation. Some goldfish experts recommend two filters for larger ponds and tanks that provide sustenance for more than 20 goldfish. Canister filters work well for goldfish because of very high water circulation efficiency and a strong biological load. The mechanical filtration capabilities require goldfish owners to clean the filters regularly or risk the growth of nitrates. Internal wet/dry filters produce some of the highest biological loads, which helps reduce the digestive problems that lead to tainted water. As a popular filter amongst breeders, sponge filters work well in larger tanks and in ponds that not only provide a home for goldfish, but other types of fish as well.

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