Top 3 Items to Help You Toilet Train Your Dog

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Top 3 Items to Help You Toilet Train Your Dog

Toilet training is something that an owner will face during the early years of dog training. It is a difficult task that requires patience and persistence. No two dogs are the same, as they each have their own unique personalities. Because of this, it is important to do thorough research on the different techniques to use and also products available to assist with this training.

This guide will outline 3 of the top dog toilet training items available on the market to help toilet train your dog. Its aim is to help you understand the basics and offer the confidence to complete the training yourself.

There are many different places to purchase these products. From specialist online shops, vet clinics and pet shops, there is plenty of choice. Alongside these options are auction sites like eBay, which offers a wide range of toilet training items and products.

Methods of Toilet Training

There are a few different techniques that can be implemented when toilet training a dog. Sometimes a combination of different methods is the best way forward. Here are three examples of possible techniques to try:

Method 1

Positive reinforcement training: this consists of taking the dog outside as often as possible or at times when you think it is likely that it needs to excrete waste. Then, offer verbal praise when they go to the toilet outside. It is good to choose the same phrase as a positive reinforcement every time. It is also important to ignore any unwanted behavior. When you take the dog outside to use the toilet, make sure this is not 'play-time'. Stand to the side not interacting with the dog. This won't register with the dog the first couple of tries, but over time it will become associated with the routine.

Method 2

Reward training: again this method is reliant on taking the dog outside for regular opportunities to go to the toilet. When successful, reward the dog with an Edible Dog Treat. It is important to do this as soon as possible after the event has occurred to ensure the dog links the activity with the treat. The more times this is completed, the faster and more likely the dog is to learn.

Method 3

Crate Training: as above, involves the same repeated motion of taking the dog outside. The owner follows the same recurring routine and also places Dog Potty Training Pads at the door. These pads have a scent that is inviting to the dog and encourages them to sniff and then ultimately urinate on them. These pads can be used indoors to stop the dog from urinating on the furniture or carpet.

Routine plays a major role in the training of dogs. To reinforce this expected toilet routine, it is important to keep the remainder of the dog's routine the same. This includes feeding time and regular walking.

Behaviour to Look for When Toilet Training

There are certain signs and behaviors that a dog displays when they are about to go to the toilet. It is advisable as a dog owner to understand your own dogs characteristics and behaviour to ensure you are in control of their toilet habits. These include:

* Circling a certain area

* Sniffing a specific area

* Pausing at a certain spot

Dogs are most likely to go to the toilet after they eat, when they are exercising and first thing in the morning. Incorporate this into the toilet training routine.

It is important to remember that puppies often won't have full control over their bladders until they are a little older. This will have an affect on toilet training.

Top 3 Items to Help Toilet Train a Dog

* Edible Dog Treats:: having a selection of dog treats is a great way to offer an immediate reward to a dog for good behavior. This can be a small doggy treat or a larger bone. In the case of toilet training that requires consistent and frequent rewarding, a smaller treat is more appropriate.

* Dog Potty Training Pads:: the pads are designed to be placed around the home whilst the dog is toilet training. The absorbent pad will soak up any unwanted toilet-related 'accidents'. This will look after furniture and carpets and other indoor items during the toilet training period. The smell is also inviting for a dog. Even though the idea is to encourage outdoor toilet breaks, these pads will help clean up accidental mess.

* Dog Toilet House Training Aid Spray : this is an alternative to potty training pads. It can be used on a number of different materials as well as grass. The smell will be pleasant to a dog and encourage them to urinate where it is sprayed. As with potty training pads, it can be sprayed on an absorbent material to soak up any unwanted urine.

Toilet Training Problems

There may be many different problems faced by individual owners when toilet training their dogs. However there are some issues that arise on a regular basis. They are:

Consistent soiling of the bed or bed area

This is an indication that the dog has not been taken to the toilet enough. Increase the amount of outdoor visits. Particularly if the dog is young, it is unrealistic to expect him to go through the night without going to the toilet.

Weak bladder

As it takes time for puppies to control their bladder, they may very well grow out of this. However, it may indicate a medical issue, for example, a urine tract infection. If it persists, seek professional medical advice.

Constant urinating

Often dogs will drink excessive amounts of water out of boredom. It is worth assessing the amount of water intake and checking with a vet if this is regular. If it seems excessive, limit the dog's daily intake of water. Salty food will also make a dog need to drink more. Try to limit their daily salt intake.


Toilet training a dog is reliant on routine and consistency. It is important that the owner exercises patience and understanding at all time. Allow the dog time to learn and encourage good behaviour, and be sure to remain calm when an accident does happen and clean it up as quickly as possible.

Toilet training a dog doesn't have to be overwhelming or daunting. Remember you are not alone. There are professionals who can answer questions or give advice. It is also possible to seek help at puppy training clinics or groups.

With the help of the 3 Dog Toilet Training Products outlined above and a well-researched and executed plan, training a dog when to take their toilet breaks is achievable. Toilet training might be testing, but with the help of eBay it is possible to find products that will make it much easier.

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