Top 3 Materials for Fencing

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Top 3 Materials for Fencing

Used for garden embellishment, security, and a sense of privacy, fencing comes in three essential materials. Choose the perfect fencing type depending on your needs and your style and design preferences. Fencing comes in different sizes and heights for yards, gardens, or patios, and each material offers a different look, feel, and level of privacy.


The most traditional and common type of fencing is wood fencing. Wooden fencing comes in a variety of styles, including picket fences for gardens or yards, bamboo fencing for a pretty patio or garden look, and wooden panel fencing for privacy. Made of treated wood to withstand water, mould, and decay, wooden fencing is a solid choice that should last for many years. Choose decorative wooden fencing with a lattice design, and paint, stain, or strip wooden fencing to match your existing garden or patio decor. Place a wooden trellis panel around a garden which plants can grow up and around for added beauty, or choose pretty curved panels. Lightweight wooden bamboo fencing comes in an easy-to- install roll, and wooden garden gates provide a lovely and useful entrance to your patio or garden.


There are many reasons to use wire fencing. Wire fencing provides security, especially for farm animals and livestock, and since the top includes barbed wire, it is also intruder proof. Wire fencing is affordable and easy to install, and the fencing works well to line your garden, yard, or patio. Most wire fencing is see-through, so it may not be the best option for privacy, but it comes in many types for practical use, including chicken wire and PVC garden fencing that is weatherproof. Support your plants with coated garden wire fencing, and use mesh wire fencing as a durable way to provide protection and security in your backyard. Purchase wire fencing by the metre in a user-friendly roll. Wire fencing comes in several heights depending on whether you require the fencing for garden or yard use.


Seeking the most secure type of fencing available for residential or commercial purposes? Opt for metal fencing, which comes in several styles, including tall panels so intruders cannot see in or sturdy, galvanised steel fencing. Install square top Hera metal fencing for the ultimate in security, or choose a metal gate to embellish and secure yard fencing. Pick metal panels with locking gates for added protection, and check to ensure you are purchasing treated metal that reduces the risk of rust and provides weather protection against the elements. Accompany your metal fence panels with a range of gate types including double gates or sliding gates.

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