Top 3 Mini Dumpers

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Mini dumpers or site dumpers offer a mobile and lightweight transportation solution for anyone who needs to move small loads. Mini dumpers vary in size and carry anywhere from less than 500 kilogrammes to one or two tonnes, and come as walk-behind dumpers as well as seated dumpers. Learning about the top three mini dumpers on the market allows you to narrow down your options and easily choose a great dumper.


Terex Elevated Discharge Mini Dumper

The Terex elevated discharge mini dumper offers construction sites a four-wheel stable design with front seats and standard steering, making it perfect for driving on roads between sites. The dumper's elevated discharge mechanism makes it ideal for dumping loads into high bins and trucks, or for dumping loads directly onto the skip. Models range from 16.4 kW to 24.5 kW, with a weight capacity of 1,000 to 2,000 kilogrammes, depending on the model. As a mini dumper, the Terex elevated discharge model makes one of the most versatile options in the United Kingdom because it is easy to drive around sites.


Thwaites Micro Dumper 300

One of the most well-known dumper manufacturers in the United Kingdom, Thwaites also offers a mini dumper, the smallest of which has a 300 kilogramme lift capacity. The 'micro dumper' features a Honda GXV160 engine with a maximum speed of 7.4 kilometres per hour. Four wheels, five gears, and manually operated steering make the Thwaites Micro Dumper 300 easy to use and handle around construction sites, as well as around larger equipment. Automatic fail-safe brakes make the Thwaites a little safer. You can also purchase a range of accessories including skips and sides. Finally, the Micro Dumper 300 is a walk-behind dumper and at just 700 mm in width, fits through many standard doorways, making it perfect for home renovations and building remodelling.


Wacker Neuson DT 08

Wacker Neuson is one of the most popular dumper manufacturers on the planet, and has been in business since 1848. The DT 08 is a track mini dumper perfect for using on sites with uneven ground, loose soil, and hills that a standard four-wheel might not handle. The rubber tracking allows the DT 08 to get better traction while reducing weight and damage on the ground and surfaces, such as floors. An inbuilt cooling system keeps the mini dumper cooler and safer, even in high-heat conditions. With an 800 kilogramme payload, the DT 08 is powerful enough to handle large loads for its size, while its compact 73 centimetre wide design allows it to fit into buildings and small spaces. The DT 08 comes with a 9.6 kW petrol or diesel engine. Available accessories include a high-tipping skip for loading into higher trucks or a self-loading system.

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