Top 3 Most-replaced Renault Parts

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Top 3 Most-replaced Renault Parts

Many consumers genuinely enjoy owning and driving Renault cars. Like any car though, Renault models may occasionally need repair. Renault owners and consumers who are considering purchasing a Renault should inform themselves about some of the common problems and the Renault parts needed to repair them.


Ignition Coils

Renault ignition coils, which play an essential role in turning battery voltage into the spark fired in the spark plugs, can occasionally be faulty and need replacement. This is especially true of the Renault Scenic, although it can also become a problem in other Renault models. Renault owners should take their car to a mechanic if they notice the engine is no longer running smoothly, misfiring, or not starting up. If diagnostics reveal faulty ignition coils, car owners may need to replace them with modified ignition coils to resolve the problem. Fortunately, ignition coils are not too expensive and are easy to purchase anywhere vendors sell Renault Scenic parts. Usually, diagnostics and labour cost more than the parts themselves. This is however, a basic repair and most consumers can do it themselves if they have a few basic garage tools and some mechanics know-how.


Air Conditioning Fan

Many Renault owners have reported problems with the air conditioning fan. After time, the fan may begin to run only on one or two settings or not at all. The problem is due to a faulty resistor pack located next to the fan motor. Fortunately, the replacement resistor pack is not extremely expensive. The repair itself is somewhat difficult due to the location of the air conditioning fan, so some consumers decide it is best to let a professional install the replacement. In that case, they should be aware they must pay for labour in addition to the part. This problem is most common in the Renault Scenic, but other Renault models are susceptible as well.


Crankshaft Position Sensor

A faulty crankshaft position sensor, located directly atop the gearbox clutch bell housing in most models, can cause intermittent starting problems which often progresses until the car refuses to start. This is a common problem for the Renault Clio and the Renault Megane, as well as the 2003 through 2009 Grand Scenic II 1.6 and Scenic models. Basically, the crankshaft position sensor sends a message to the engine control unit so that it can calculate when to fire the spark plugs and the injector timing. If the sensor is not working properly, the engine turns over but does not fire. Renault owners often fix this problem temporarily by cleaning the crankshaft position sensor. Still, they should eventually replace the part or have it replaced by a mechanic. Sensors for Megane, Clio, and Scenic models are not very expensive and are available from most automotive parts dealers and sellers.

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