Top 3 Pegs for Your Laundry

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Top 3 Pegs for Your Laundry

It may seem a trivial purchase, but buying the right pegs for your laundry can mean the difference between useful pegs that keep clothes on the line and are still usable in 12 months' time and those that have clothes flying off in the wind and pegs breaking after a few months of use. The top 3 pegs for your laundry include plastic pegs, wooden pegs, and metal pegs. Once the perfect pegs are found, consider some useful peg accessories to keep your pegs together and in optimum condition.


Plastic Pegs for Your Laundry

Plastic pegs come in a wide range of styles and prices. They include some of the least expensive pegs, as well as some of the strongest and most durable pegs. Plastic clothes pegs may be spring loaded or they may simply push onto the line. Over time, however, the sun can damage plastic pegs, making them brittle and prone to breaking. Reva pegs are a relatively inexpensive, popular brand that are durable with a reasonably strong hold.


Wooden Pegs for Your Laundry

Wooden clothes pegs have been used for decades and are a popular choice for the laundry. Before plastic, wooden pegs were the only option many people had. The majority of wooden pegs today are spring loaded. However, some wood pegs, such as dolly pegs, use a push on mechanism. These are often the pegs of choice for those who want vintage wooden pegs. Wood pegs come in small and large sizes, suitable for hanging light and heavy laundry items on the line. One benefit of wooden laundry pegs over plastic ones is that they are less likely to be damaged in the sun. They can, however, deteriorate if left out in wet weather.


Metal Pegs for Your Laundry

The buyer looking for strong pegs may like to consider metal clothes pegs, in particular stainless steel clothes pegs. With a tight grip, metal pegs are strong, durable, hygienic, and are not damaged by the sun or rain. Stainless steel clothes pegs tend to be the most expensive pegs available and are suitable for those who hang their washing in windy conditions and want to ensure their clothes remain on the clothesline.


Useful Peg Accessories

When buying pegs for the laundry, there are a few useful accessories to help keep pegs in top condition, lasting many years no matter what the weather conditions. Because many pegs are required when hanging out a washing machine load of laundry, a peg basket is useful for holding all the pegs in one place. Many like to use peg bags that hang on the line. For those who want to leave their pegs hanging outside all the time, a waterproof peg bag is an ideal option

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