Top 3 Polar Bear Gifts

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Top 3 Polar Bear Gifts

Polar bears are beautiful animals so it is no wonder that many people like them. If you know someone who loves polar bears, then you can indulge their love of nature by choosing a polar bear gift. While there are literally dozens of different types of polar bear themes and items to choose from, some of your best options include the three most popular polar bear gifts.


Polar Bear Plush Toy

Plush polar bear toys are generally the most popular polar bear gift. You can go with something small and cute such as a Ty Polar Bear, or go for a giant 90-centimetre bear. Stuffed polar bears are a great gift for both children and adults, although women usually appreciate them more than men do. Many plush bears come in small gift sets. Webkinz, Bearington, Coca Cola, Wishpets, Build A Bear, and the WWF are just a few of the brands that offer a great selection of different polar bear teddies to choose from.


Polar Bear Clothing

If a stuffed polar bear toy is not quite what you are looking for, you can also choose polar bear clothing. The basic option in this case is a polar bear T-shirt, but you can also get more creative and choose polar bear leggings, a polar bear scarf, a polar bear sweater, or even a polar bear bag. A polar bear clothing item makes a great gift, although it might be gimmicky if the wearer is not entirely in love with bears. If you think that the recipient might not appreciate an article of clothing, then consider polar bear bedding or a polar bear pillow.


Polar Bear Figurine

Polar bear figurines make lovely gifts because they come in a variety of styles, and can be cute or realistic depending on model. In addition, figurines make better gifts for adults than plush toys. You can choose from china, ceramic, bone china, and clay figures, although ceramic and china are the most common. Lladro, Aynsley Cottage, Royal Copenhagen, Bing and Grondahl, and Schleich are just a few of the options available but you can also choose generic ceramic, or studio ceramics rather than a mainstream brand. There are also various sizes of figures available, with miniatures that are only a few centimetres tall ranging to figures of 20 centimetres or more. The best option is to consider what the gift recipients might appreciate based on any current collection they have, the amount of space they have for displaying a figurine collection, and how much they love polar bears.

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