Top 3 Purposes for Epoxy Resin

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Top 3 Purposes for Epoxy Resin

A strong adhesive, epoxy resin has a number of industrial and recreational uses. Due to the extended time it takes to degrade, it is a top choice for making models and putting together toys and games. Epoxy itself is a compound chemical available in both liquid and curing form. After curing, it holds strong, which is why it has so many useful purposes. To see if it can work for your project, learn about the top uses for epoxy resin.


Making Toys with Epoxy Resin

You can use epoxy resin when making toys, especially clay models. For example, you can create a Super Mario scene with the video game character's magic mushrooms using both epoxy resin and epoxy clay. Sketch out the kind of model you plan to make and then build the base using metal wire. Then, mould epoxy clay over the wire to make a mould of your model. Pour the resin into the mould frame and shake the frame so the resin spreads throughout and reaches all corners. To eliminate any bubbles in the resin, perform the entire job quickly, as epoxy resin dries quite fast. Once the epoxy resin cures, remove the mould and paint or decorate your model.


Making Jewellery with Epoxy Resin

You can buy casting moulds and use epoxy resin to make jewellery much as you can for making toys. There are moulds that come in specific shapes like hearts and stars. Pour the epoxy inside and create jewellery, such as earrings. Again, quickly pour the resin into the mould, as it will harden quite quickly. Add glitter, sparkles, paint, and other décor once the resin sets to create fashionable earrings, bracelets, and charms. Remember to put wax paper or newspaper down in case of any spills and never re-use the moulds resin touched. In addition, be sure to wear disposable gloves to protect your fingers when working with epoxy resin.


Making Table Tops with Epoxy Resin

Find epoxy resin in liquid form and use it to harden, decorate, or finish a gaming tabletop or even a dining tabletop. It adds a thick layer to the table's surface with a shellac-like hardness and brilliant shine. Using a liquid epoxy resin product like Ultra Clear Epoxy creates a scratch resistant table. It also produces a practically maintenance-free gaming table that can handle the stress of dice, chips, and other items that come with card game play. It also offers a transparent finish, so the beauty of a wood table underneath still shines through.

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