Top 3 Reasons to Have Pink Hair

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Top 3 Reasons to Have Pink Hair

There are many ways to celebrate your individuality. Cultivating a personal style is one of them and that includes your hair. Changing your hair colour and style is a fun way to update your look and stand out from the crowd. Using bold colours like pink is a great way to express your personality.


Brightening Benefits

Colouring your hair pink instantly adds brightness to your face and your entire overall look. Feeling dull and bored with your look? Pick a shade of pink and turn your whole look up a notch. No matter what colour your existing hair is, pink works with all complexions, and there are many tones available ranging from baby soft pink to full on fuchsia, so you can find a shade that works for your skin tone.


Cheerful Candy Colour

You cannot help but smile when you see yourself with bright pink hair. It is a natural antidepressant. You will also get lots of attention from people, and it will most likely all be positive. Pink hair is a fun novelty, and you will stand out with your pink-hued head. Changing your hair colour is an easy way to update your look, but instead of opting for traditional brown, blonde, or red, why not choose pink? Those shades could never make you smile as much as a candy-coloured coif.


Temporary Bliss

Sometimes committing to a permanent fashion choice can be scary, such as a new tattoo, or even a short haircut that may take months to grow out. The benefit of colouring your hair pink is that it is a temporary change, and you can colour over your new look at any time. You do not have to commit to pink hair for a specific amount of time, and since most pink hair colours are semi-permanent or temporary anyway, it does not take upkeep to maintain pink hair for any length of time. You could easily dye your hair pink and let it wash away in a couple of weeks, or keep colouring if you enjoy the look and wish to keep it going for longer. The lack of commitment to the colour is one of the best reasons to try a fresh, fun look.


Procuring Pink Hair

There are a few things you need to colour your hair pink. If you have dark hair, you need to lighten your hair with bleach. A bleaching kit provides everything you need to lift the colour from your hair. If you are already blonde, you can skip this step. Next, you need pink hair dye, a dye brush, a plastic dye bowl to mix your dye, and latex gloves to wear while you apply the hair dye. Some popular brands of temporary pink dye come from Manic Panic and Directions.

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