Top 3 Reasons to Install Dividers in an Office

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Top 3 Reasons to Install Dividers in an Office

Dividers are very useful in an office, making the space more versatile, and allowing you to configure it to your needs, the needs of your workers, and the needs of your business. There are numerous reasons people choose to use dividers or screens in their office. Knowing the top three reasons helps you to decide whether you want them in your own office.


Gives Workers Their Own Sense of Space

An open plan office space is great for a collaborative environment. However, it is not conducive to creating a feeling of individuality. Where continuous collaboration is not necessary or not encouraged, an open plan office can have a negative impact on a workforce. Staff may feel that they are simply one of a multitude, rather than recognised as individuals. By using office dividers, you create the illusion of personal space and individuality. Having a divider to create an office cubicle or a separate 'room' in a shared space gives staff a sense of self and personal space, and allows them to decorate their space, within reason, without distracting other staff members. Aside from feeling that they can put their mark on their cubicle with framed photos, plants, and ornaments, people tend to feel that they have more security in their own cubicle, and so are more relaxed, as they can leave personal possessions or office supplies, such as pens, staplers and calculators safely in their cubicle.



When not working directly with other staff members on a group project, privacy is important to office workers, as they work better when given privacy, as psychologically, they feel more able to relax and focus on the task at hand. Additionally, having dividers and individual cubicles provides less distraction, and less of an intrusive environment. Where phone calls are necessary, people tend to relax more and adopt a better phone manner when given privacy, where they do not feel as though others are listening in.


Encourages Productivity

The use of office dividers significantly increases productivity. Having dividers creates more order, and blocks out visual distractions. The creation of individual cubicles and spaces reduces the temptation for staff to chat across the office. Instead, they are more likely to remain in their own space and focus on their work. With less distraction, people can more easily focus on their tasks, improving concentration, quality, and output. Noise reduction, with the use of tall office dividers, of at least 152 cm and ideally 182 cm, further reduces distractions.

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