Top 3 Reasons to Visit Norwich

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Top 3 Reasons to Visit Norwich

Norwich offers entertainment, excitement, and fun for all age groups and travel styles. Pubs and restaurants abound, hotels are plentiful, and the locals are friendly and welcoming. Whether you enjoy exploring castles and libraries, watching Premier League Football and the Norwich City Football Club, or having fun on the water, Norwich has something to suit your style.


Norwich Castles and Cathedrals

Norwich features a variety of castles and cathedrals for visitors to enjoy. In fact, Norwich 12, an initiative of the Norwich Heritage Trust, is creating a network of heritage attractions in the area that includes 12 of Norwich's most iconic buildings. The goal is to highlight English cultural development over the last 1000 years. The churches, castles, halls, hospital, and assembly house that are part of this project offer an exciting and interesting glimpse into the history of the Greater Norfolk area and Britain itself. Norwich Castle and Norwich Cathedral are the most popular for visitors with Blackfriars and St. Andrews Halls closely following. No matter which era of history you would like to explore, Norwich has a prime example, kept in beautiful condition.


Norwich Theatre and Arts

With a cultural base influenced by European immigrants throughout its long history, Norwich has a wide range of cultural events and attractions to suit all ages and interests. There is almost a festival a month, not the least of which is the Norfolk and Norwich Festival, which traces its roots back to 1772. The greater Norwich and Norfolk area supports over 900 artists, countless musicians, and cultural events taking place every day. The coast has family-fun festivals, which includes the Maritime Festival. Food festivals abound. If your interest lies more on the side of finding a great book and a cup of tea, the area features bookstores and libraries, as well as cafes and tea shops. Norwich is certainly not lacking in art galleries and museums, with a wide variety offering historical perspectives and modern art. For history collectors, Norwich Postcards and FC Programmes are popular. 


Norwich Sports and Recreation

You can keep active by exploring the well-maintained and beautiful parks and open spaces in Norwich, or try the sport of racing at the Norwich Speedway. You can also attend a Norwich City Football Club match, where you can find plenty of opportunities to get in the action or view it in comfort and style. Norwich sits on the coast, so be sure to add umbrellas, raincoats, and other warm and protective gear to your travel accessories bag to avoid missing out on the fun. You can also play golf and tennis, and water sports are popular and the river teems with activity.

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