Top 3 Revenge Episodes

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As the title of the hit ABC show suggests, 'Revenge' is all about getting even. When she was a child, someone framed Amanda Clarke's father for a heinous crime and he went to prison. While stewing in prison, Amanda's father met his demise, so the truth would never reveal the perpetrators. Amanda Clarke finds out what happened to her father and returns as Emily Thorne to avenge his frame up and death.


Determining the Top 'Revenge' Episodes

The producers and writers of 'Revenge' predicate the storyline on a slow unveiling of the people who set up and murdered Emily's father. In each of the three seasons, the TV show's finale presents fans with high-suspense cliffhangers that set the stage for subsequent conflict amongst Emily and those who harmed her father. However, two of the top 'Revenge' episodes are not season ending cliffhangers, but instead tell the story of David Clarke's demise through flashbacks and Emily's recounting of events. You can find all three seasons of the ABC show on DVD.


Episode 101: The Pilot

The Pilot TV episode of 'Revenge' provides viewers with a strong foundation from which to move forward with the show's storytelling. A flurry of gunshots and a dead body on the beach introduce viewers to the theme of the show: Revenge. The Pilot presents all of the principal players in the show, including the important back-stories that prompt Emily Thorne to plan her retribution. Viewers see the impact of flashing back to tell Emily's story, as the show backs up five months to describe Emily's arrival in the Hamptons. 'Revenge' is not a show that viewers understand by starting in the middle of a season. They need to watch the Pilot to understand the rest of the series.


Episode 222: The Truth, Part 2

The second part of season two's finale tests Emily's conviction to inflict revenge on her rivals, most notably the Graysons. An explosion that devastates a number of floors inside of the Grayson Global building throws the show's premise into disorder. Since Emily did not plan and execute the bombing, the viewers question who actually did carry out the blast. A number of candidates come into play, as writers deftly introduce motives for each of the primary suspects, including Emily. Eventually, law enforcement takes the least likely person into custody, leaving Emily's world in an utter state of turmoil.


Episode 322: Revolution

For the first time in the ABC television series, viewers get the sense that Emily may not last until the show's fruition. She begins to experience inexplicable blackouts that precede intense dreams of the past. Worse, the Graysons suspect Emily's true identity, which prompts Emily to lay low until she can devise a way to forge a new identity. Great TV drama series place the main character through intense tribulations to enhance conflict and this ABC episode does the best job through the first three seasons.

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