Top 3 Science Fiction Novels

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Top 3 Science Fiction Novels

Science fiction books combine escapism and popular scientific belief, helping to establish believability amongst readers. Best-selling science fiction novels are renowned for their engaging plots and thought-provoking themes. Whether new to the realm of science fiction, or simply looking for your next "must-read" novel, do not overlook the top 3 science fiction novels.


Ender's Game

The recipient of many awards, including the 1985 Nebula Award for best novel and the 1986 Hugo Award for best novel, "Ender's Game", written by Orson Scott Card in 1985, is a military science fiction novel set in Earth's future. Protagonist Ender Wiggin gets taken away at the age of six to battle school following a serious schoolyard altercation. It is here his military instincts are tested and trained through a series of difficult zero-gravity war games in preparation for the attack of an insectoid alien species, known as the Buggers. He is eventually promoted to command school. There, the games and tests wear him down until he is finally forced to make a life-changing decision that has devastating consequences. The novel's sequels, "Speaker for the Dead", "Xenocide", "Children of the Mind", and "Ender in Exile", continue to follow Ender's travels to many different worlds in the galaxy.



"Dune", written by Frank Herbert in 1965, is acclaimed for its success with over 10 million copies sold. Themes in this novel revolve around political intrigue, violence, love, and loyalty. Set in an intergalactic society that offers familiarity, yet is much more advanced than reality, Herbert's "Dune" is the first in a series of six. In this book, the House of Atreides takes control of the desert planet Arrakis. While home to hostile wildlife, such as killer worms, Arrakis is also the only known source in the universe of the spice melange, an addictive substance that expands life and promotes user alertness, including the ability to fold space-time for interstellar travel. Through treachery, Paul is cast out into the planet's harsh environment and left for dead; here, he falls in with the Fremen, an army tribe of desert dwellers. With them, he sets out to reclaim when is rightfully his.


The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

"The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", written by Douglas Adams in 1979, is the first of five novels in the ‘trilogy’. The Hitchhiker's Guide sold 250,000 copies in the first three months of its release. The novel follows the adventures of Arthur Dent as he tries to survive the expansiveness of the universe after Earth's demise. With his home in ruins due to the construction of a bypass, Arthur tries to find a new place to set down roots. Together, Arthur Dent and his friend Ford Prefect, begin a journey through space. It is here that they encounter a galaxy full of fellow travellers, each with a unique story to offer.

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