Top 3 Snooker Accessories

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Top 3 Snooker Accessories

Before pool, there was snooker. The game of snooker is similar to pool where players use cues on a green felt table to shoot coloured balls into six different pockets. It goes without saying that a snooker table is required to play the game but there are a few other necessities to purchase before you grab your cue and get ready to break. When you buy a snooker table and snooker accessories you will be ready to play one of Britain's oldest sports.


Chalk and Holders

The object of snooker is to shoot balls into pockets so you need the right amount of traction to land the perfect shot. As the cue tips tend to be smooth, when they meet with the surface of the slick ball, it is easy to miss your shot. Players rub chalk onto the end of their cues to create a bit of friction so it is simpler to make the shot without sliding the cue across the ball. Snooker chalk comes in small cubes and each cube has a divot in the centre making it easy to lightly rub your cue into the hole to get the right amount of chalk on the cue. To keep chalk easily accessible during a game, buy a chalk holder or chalk pouch to store your chalk cubes during snooker matches.


Cues and Rests

You need cues to play snooker. Cues are long, wooden sticks that come in different sizes and styles. Purchase a one-piece cue for a more traditional game, but if storage is an issue, buy a three-quarter jointed cue that breaks down into three pieces for storage or a centre-jointed cue that unscrews in the middle. Cues range in length and you should purchase the right one based on your size; kids and petite players need shorter cues, while tall players need longer ones. Purchase a professional-quality John Parris snooker cue or a handmade snooker cue for a one-of-a-kind cue. Some cues come with a case, and cues can be made from different wood, such as ash or rosewood. So choose a cue based on personal preference, price, and how it looks. Cue rests make it easier to take a shot if you are a beginner or the ball is placed awkwardly on the table.


Balls and Triangles

A set of good snooker balls is a must when you are playing the game. Standard snooker sets come with 22 balls including a white ball for shooting. The white ball is called the cue ball and there are also 15 red balls and 6 other coloured balls to shoot into the pockets. Aramith is a popular snooker ball brand. Players use a wooden or plastic triangle to set up the balls before the beginning of each game and the game begins when the balls 'break' apart. Buy a triangle which goes with your set of balls. Some sets of balls come with a triangle.

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