Top 3 Vauxhall Nova Body Kits

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Introduced in the UK in 1982, the Vauxhall Nova, also known as the Corsa A, B and C, was one of the leading mini cars to come out of Germany. Although production of this vehicle halted in 1993, you can still find used and classic Vauxhall Novas throughout Europe. While many have pristine bodies and parts, some owners choose to enhance and modify the car's body with various body kits. Learn about the top Vauxhall Nova body kits to give your classic car an updated look.


The Vauxhall Nova Magnum Full Body Kit

Modify your Vauxhall Nova Magnum from top to bottom, side to side, and front to rear with a full body kit containing a host of body parts that give this classic car a modern look. This body kit offers a full front bumper with two fog lamps that help guide you on dark nights. A mesh cover over the bumper protects the new part, while a headlight diffuser lights up the road for easy driving and safety. This kit also offers side skirts for the bottom of the vehicle that help protect the underside of the car, as well as the wheels and trim. Your Vauxhall Nova gets a new life with this kit from STX Styling.


The Vauxhall Corsa C Wide Body Kit S1600

You can purchase body parts separately or all in one kit for the Corsa C. A full kit comes with a variety of body parts to enhance this Vauxhall vehicle. Get a new rear bumper, a new front bumper, and side wings that give the car style, as well as protection from the elements. Front wings and rear wings also come with this kit and offer a sporty look to this car that has also doubled as a racing vehicle over the years. Vauxhall produced the Corsa C in the late 1980's and early 1990's, but by 1993, the company dropped the word Nova from the name. Even without Nova in the name, the car retained its features and body structure.


Vauxhall Nova Bonnet Bra

Protect the front bumper of your Vauxhall Nova with a bonnet bra that fits right over the front end of the vehicle. Car bras work to prevent damage to the bumper and cover up existing damage in an affordable manner. A bonnet bra typically features a water-resistant PVC leather with a felt lining that withstands the elements. Straps help hold the bra to the bumper, and it easily slides off when you want to replace the bumper or show off the part. The manufacturer incorporates wind deflectors into this body kit part to protect the side of the vehicle, as well as the bra itself.

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