Top 3 Ways to Customise Your Renault Master Van

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Top 3 Ways to Customise Your Renault Master Van

A well-designed cab interior, powerful 2.3 litre engine, and good fuel economy make the Renault Master van a popular choice amongst consumers. This large van is ideal for many different uses, such as a mobile office, camper van, or delivery van. If you own a Renault Master van, or are considering purchasing one, you should consider the top three ways to customise it in order to create a vehicle that matches your style and fits your purpose.


Give Your Renault Master Van a Custom Paint Job

To make your Renault Master van stand out from the crowd, get a custom paint job. If your Renault Master is for personal use only, choose a colour or design based on your personal preferences. On the other hand, if your Renault Master is for business use, consider colours which draw attention and decals that advertise your products or services. Bright full-body van wraps are also an excellent advertising solution. If you use your Renault Master van as a camper van, you can even have a personalised mural painted on, turning it into a custom work of art.


Add Customised Renault Master Wheels and Tyres

If you want your Renault Master van to look better than factory, consider purchasing custom wheels and tyres. Black wheels or bright metal finish wheels are available for the Renault Master and they make quite a style statement. While custom wheels are an excellent way to upgrade your Renault Master van, there are a few factors to keep in mind. First, it is best not to choose a tyre or wheel size that is drastically different from what the van came with. Wheels and tyres that are much larger or smaller than the originals can affect the van's brakes, engine, and drivetrain negatively. Second, choose wheel material carefully. Alloy wheels and tyres for example, provide cool air flow over the brake system and prevent overheating, the perfect solution if you spend time in slow-moving traffic on a regular basis. Finally, remember that slightly smaller wheels can improve your fuel economy by reducing the overall weight of the van.


Turn Your Renault Master into a Camper Van

Easily turn your Renault Master van into a camper van, if travelling the country is your dream. To do so, you need to install a pull-out seat/bed, wardrobe, and kitchen unit. Carpet lining makes the customised living area a bit more comfortable as well. If you have room, you can even install a small bathroom. Appliances, including a small cooker and refrigerator make the area perfect for camping out over the weekend or travelling for long distances. These items are available for purchase as a camper van conversion kit, or you can purchase items one at a time. Professional installation is available if you do not have the time, tools, or knowledge to make the conversion yourself.

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