Top 3 Ways to Wear a Mens Polo T-shirt

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Top 3 Ways to Wear a Mens Polo T-shirt

The polo shirt has been around since the 1920s when it became the clothing of choice for tennis and polo players, but new ways of wearing this wardrobe classic have men looking more indie and less like their grandparents. Wearing a polo completely buttoned, untucked, or with fitted trousers and boat shoes give a smart new look to anyone tired of stuffy formal shirts and frumpy T-shirts.


Buttoned All the Way Up

Once the realm of "nerds" and "geeks," buttoning the top button is a style the indie-hipster crowd has  appropriated. Obviously, mixing and matching does not work here, avoid pairing a fitted and buttoned polo with baggy shorts or trainers, but if the whole outfit falls into the indie or hipster category, trendsetters can feel free to button up all the way. Hipster fashion essentials that go with a buttoned-up polo include oversized sunglasses, men's slippers, and fitted trousers. If the polo has bright colours or patterns, remember to keep the rest of the outfit simple to maintain focus on the shirt. Collar buttons add a special touch and make the polo more versatile for semi-formal occasions.


Untucked with a Blazer

Wearing a shirt untucked with a blazer would have been a major faux pas in the mid-20th century, but for a contemporary look, it says the wearer is relaxed and comfortable in upscale surroundings. However, the key to achieving this look correctly is in the length of the polo. A correctly fitted polo reaches halfway down the trouser fly or at least a few centimetres below the waistline of the trousers. It should not expose skin if you reach up nor should it look oversized and baggy. On a similar note, the sleeves should reach halfway down the bicep; any longer results in a sloppy oversized look that would add bulk under a blazer. Wear a colourful polo T-shirt with a neutral blazer, or go for a neutral polo with a patterned blazer.


Paired with Slim Fit Trousers and Boat Shoes

Tucked or untucked, buttoned or unbuttoned, polos are just plain trendy when paired with smart trousers and boat shoes. Pairing colours correctly is one-half of the job, and choosing the right trousers is the other half. Khakis or even white jeans look great with patterned or striped polo shirts, but patterned trousers, such as pinstripes, look better with solid colours. Pressed trousers read more formal, but a slim fit brings the look to smart casual. The style and design of the shoes also finish the look. Chukka boots, desert boots, boat shoes, and driving shoes are all trendy options

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