Top 3 WrestleMania DVDs for Your DVD Collection

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Top 3 WrestleMania DVDs for Your DVD Collection

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) organises WrestleMania, a professional wrestling event, every year. First held in 1985, the event is one of the most successful professional wrestling events in the history of the sport. Though WWE has released individual DVD sets for each WrestleMania, a few special sets highlight exceptional wrestlers, events, and matches. Your WWE DVD collection cannot do without the top 3 WrestleMania DVDs.


WrestleMania I

WrestleMania I is a historic event, the first that launched the series. It took place at Madison Square Garden in March 1985 and featured celebrity appearances by Muhammad Ali, Cyndi Lauper, and Liberace. Over 19,000 fans attended to watch the nine matches, including the tag team match where Hulk Hogan and Mr. T defeated Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorff. Previously available only on VHS, WWE released WrestleMania I on a single-disc DVD as part of the "Complete Anthology" box set. The same DVD was re-released separately as part of WWE's release of the early events, from I to XV, to celebrate WrestleMania's 29th edition in 2013.


The Greatest Superstars of WrestleMania

This WWE WrestleMania DVD set contains two discs that highlights 11 of WrestleMania's most outstanding wrestlers. Released in 2011 as a Wal-Mart exclusive, the compilation includes a biography of each wrestler followed by one of their most notable matches. A brief recap of any personal feud that the wrestlers had prior to the match precedes it, giving viewers a better overview of the match's historical significance. The five-hour collection features the likes of Hulk Hogan, the Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and The Rock. It includes three matches from the first 14 WrestleManias, while the other matches come from more recent events. Most of the matches on this DVD are not part of other WrestleMania compilations.


WrestleMania: The Complete Anthology

Over 65 hours in length, this 31-disc DVD set is an essential addition to WrestleMania fans' DVD collections. The first DVD set released by WWE, "WrestleMania: The Complete Anthology" includes every WrestleMania match from 1985 to 2005. The first edition of the WrestleMania Anthology, released in 2005, included WrestleMania I to 21. The set was re-released in 2006 with footage from WrestleMania 22. This box set saw the first DVD release for earlier WrestleManias, which had previously only been available on VHS. The Complete Anthology keeps edits to a minimum, giving fans a version that is true to the original broadcast. However, there are no extras included in this release.

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