Top 4 Products to Thicken Your Hair

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Top 4 Products to Thicken Your Hair

Having thick, luscious locks is something which everybody dreams of and there are a number of different products available on the market that can help. With so many types of products that help thicken hair it can be difficult to know which one will work the best for you.

This guide will explain everything about the products and brands available. eBay offers a large selection of hair thickening products which can be found in the Hair Care & Styling Tools section.

Types of Hair Thickening Products on eBay

The following sections will take a look at the different hair thickening products that are currently in the marketplace.

Thickening Shampoos and Conditioners

Shampoos and conditioners are the most popular products used by consumers when trying to get thicker hair and there is a number of thickening shampoo and conditioner products available on the market. Some popular brands are Pantene,, Charles Worthington and Tigi Bed Head.

The best way to apply these shampoos and conditioners is exactly as you would with any standard shampoo and conditioner. Firstly wet the hair, and then apply the shampoo until it is into a foamy lava mixture. Then proceed to wash the shampoo off making sure all the shampoo is fully removed. Next, apply conditioner and make sure to leave the conditioner on for a few minutes to allow it to fully condition the hair and then rinse until all conditioner has been removed.

Before choosing the shampoo and conditioner for you, there are a number of key factors which should be considered:

* Firstly, it is important that reviews of the products which have been tried and tested by others are read. As explained before, there are a large number of these products available and reviews allow the buyer to determine which will be the best in terms of price and brand.

* It is also important to choose the right product for the hair type as this will maximise the effectiveness the shampoo and conditioner will have.

* Finally, thickening shampoos and conditioners will normally have extra ingredients in comparison to standard shampoos and conditioners, and this includes (collagen, protein and keratin); so it is important to take the time to check the ingredients to make sure they are suitable. Some products also contain ingredients like botanical extracts and vitamins, which as well as thickening the hair will also add moisture and life.

For maximum results use thickening shampoos and conditioners at least three times per week.

Thickening Mousse

As well as thickening hair, thickening mousse is also designed for lifeless, flat hair. There are a number of thickening mousses' currently available from a number of different brands including John Freida, Garnier, Tresemme and Bumble and Bumble. Many of the products all appear to offer the same solution, however some products have additional extras such as heat protection.

The best way to apply the mousse is to dampen the hair just after it has been washed. Place a golf ball sized amount of mousse on the hands and work it through the hair from the roots down to the ends. Make sure the mousse is rubbed in and cannot be visibly seen and then style as you usually would.

Thickening Spray

There are many thickening spray ' s available on the market currently and there are a number of different brands who produce the spray's including Mane, Paul Mitchell, Samy and Tigi. Many sprays also offer additional benefits as well as thickening the hair, one example is moisturising the hair and adding shine.

What really differentiates the spray from the other products is that most thickening spray's can be used on wet and dry hair. If using on wet hair, use it when the hair has just been washed and is damp. To apply, spray directly onto the hair holding the spray 3-5cm away from the hair. After spraying, use a comb to make sure the spray is evenly spread across through the hair and then style as normal. If you are using on dry hair, just apply the spray directly to the hair ensuring an even covering and if it feels too damp, use a hairdryer for a quick blast to dry it off.

Thickening Creams

Thickening creams are becoming more popular amongst men and women and there are a large number of brands today including Marc Anthony, Living Proof, Redken and Living M.

Thickening creams are recommended especially for people who have drier hair. However if hair is naturally flat and a volumised look is desired, it is best to avoid the cream and choose one of the other products.

The best way to apply the cream is when the hair is damp and towel dried. Make sure the hair is brushed so there are no tangles. For short hair use a pea sized amount and for medium to long hair use a coin sized amount. Put the amount of cream needed in the palm of your hand and rub the cream in; then apply to the hair from just past the root to the ends of the hair. Once applied, use a comb to make sure all the hair is covered evenly. Leave the cream in and then blow dry or style as normal.

How Do Thickening Products Work?

Thickening products work in a variety of ways:

* Firstly they swell the hair shaft, which means that each strand of the hair swells individually making the hair appear fuller and thicker overall. The products also remove any heavy oils from the hair which makes the hair have more volume as it is not weighed down.

* Many of the products also contain protein which strengthens the outside layer of the hair, which in turn makes it thicker. The other ingredients most other thickening products contain is Panthenol,, which is a form of Vitamin B5. Panthenol attracts moisture to the hair which makes the strands of hair expand.

* It is also important to note that it is recommended that once the products have been used, it is advised to then blow dry the hair into the desired style for maximum results as the heat from the hair dryer can also lift the hair, creating more volume and increasing the thickness of the hair.

How to Use eBay to Buy Hair Thickening Products

All the products outlined above are available to buy on eBay. By simply searching for 'hair thickening products' in the search bar on the eBay home page, buyer's will be faced with pages full of products which will help to achieve the thick hair desired.

However if from reading the above, a specific product has now been chosen; more specific searches can be done. For example a search of 'hair thickening shampoo'' or ' hair thickening spray'' will produce a more specific search of just the shampoo or spray products available.

There are two ways to buy products on eBay and this is through bidding or the 'Buy It Now' function.

* Bidding - Buyer's can bid on the product like a normal auction. The seller can put a reserve price on the product in case the auction does not reach their minimum requirement. Buyers will enter bids and will be notified via email whether you are the highest bidder or not. Auctions times vary depending on the seller but you can be notified when by eBay when the auction is coming to an end.

* Buy It Now - If the buyer does not want to wait for the auction to finish and the seller has opted for the ' Buy It Now'' function there will be the option to buy the product at a set price which will be advertised and the buyer can buy the product there and then. This is good because the buyer is guaranteed to definitely get the product and to receive it quicker unlike using the bidding route. However it can mean the buyer could end up paying more for the product.

Once the perfect product has been found it is advisable to check out the seller before purchasing from them. There are two main ways that buyer's can check that they are buying from a reputable seller on eBay through reviews and ratings. Other buyers who have bought from this seller are entitled to give feedback (good or bad) on their experience and they can also rate them with a star rating out of 5 (with 5 being the best). These reviews and ratings are impartial and are crucial to making sure the eBay buying experience runs as smooth as possible.


As seen above there are many different types of product to choose from when deciding on a hair thickening product and it is important to choose the right product to suit your needs.

eBay offer a large range of hair thickening products to suit every need and you should be able to find these products in the Hair Care and Styling Tools section. As well as picking the right product, it is also important to pick the right seller so remember to review other buyer's ratings and reviews and make sure all questions and queries are successfully answered before purchasing.

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