Top 5 AA Batteries

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The humble AA battery has been around for decades, and it is hard to imagine life without it. People use batteries in a whole range of household items, such as remote controls, digital cameras, children's toys, and kitchen gadgets. There are many different types of batteries, and it is worth knowing the differences in order to buy the most suitable ones for a device. The main difference between the different kinds is the material inside the battery's steel container. Usually, general-purpose batteries are zinc and carbon batteries, while 'extra strong' batteries are zinc-chloride. Lithium batteries suit equipment that needs a large amount of power, such as cameras. Knowing the top five AA batteries can help consumers make a buying decision.
1 Energizer

Energizer sells a range of batteries, most of them rechargeable, which means less waste. The standard Energizer batteries come pre-charged, and users can recharge them up to a thousand times. The Energizer Extreme range includes batteries with a capacity of 2300 mAh, which is much higher than the 1300 mAh capacity of the Energizer standard range batteries. The high capacity gives these batteries longer lifetimes, with higher output at the beginning. Although users can charge these batteries in any compatible charger, Energizer produces a number of specialised, 'intelligent' chargers for Energizer batteries. These chargers know when to stop charging the batteries, monitor the charge status, and detect compatible batteries.


2 Duracell Ultra
Duracell Ultra

The rechargeable AA batteries in the Duracell Ultra line give a strong power output over a long period, making them useful for energy-draining devices such as electric toothbrushes or portable CD players. Many of the Duracell Ultra Power packages come with a free tester, so that power-conscious buyers can check how much power the batteries have left, rather than giving up too early and throwing away batteries that still contain usable energy. The Duracell Ultra Lithium batteries are Duracell's most powerful line of AA batteries. The high-performance batteries have a 15-year shelf life, and work well in energy-draining devices such as strong torches and digital cameras.


3 Eveready Silver
Eveready Silver

The Eveready Silver AA batteries are perhaps less popular than the other brands in this list, and yet they also offer long-lasting power for most electrical devices that require AA batteries to function. The zinc-chloride system of these batteries is more powerful than the traditional zinc-carbon combination that powers simple everyday batteries. The Eveready Silver work well for powering low-drainage devices, such as toys, wireless mice, or clocks. Overall, they offer a good balance between cost and durability.


4 Energizer Lithium
Energizer Lithium

Energizer sells high-powered, disposable lithium batteries, which are great for high-drainage devices, and are also a good choice for devices where changing the batteries is inconvenient, such as smoke alarms and baby monitors. The Energizer Ultimate Lithium has a huge capacity, above 3000 mAh. Even taking into consideration its higher price per battery, compared to the standard Energizer battery, the lithium battery pays off in the long run because of its longer life. Many consumers use both rechargeable everyday household batteries and lithium batteries for some devices. However, if all batteries are Energizer, it is also important to distinguish between the two kinds and to avoid charging the lithium batteries by mistake.


5 Eveready Super
Eveready Super

The Eveready Super line of AA batteries includes the standard zinc-carbon battery. This is a durable type of battery for powering devices for day-to-day activities, such as remote controls, clocks, or mice, which demand only a light power load. The Eveready Super batteries are disposable and have a relatively short shelf life, but they do the job. These batteries tend to be a bit cheaper than the batteries in the Eveready Silver line, for example, which ultimately offsets their shorter battery life.


How to Buy AA Batteries on eBay

Buyers on the market for AA batteries should consider a few factors before choosing a brand. Consider price, availability, capacity, and shelf life, and think what devices you use batteries in, and how often you use them. Once you have decided on the right type of battery, you can find a great assortment of disposable and rechargeable AA batteries on eBay. To find AA batteries, type the relevant keywords into the search bar, and then refine the results by selecting appropriate categories. Bulk packages of 30 or more batteries are usually better value per battery than buying many small packages. Some sellers provide free postage and packaging, while others charge extra for delivery.
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