Top 5 AC Wall Chargers

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An AC wall charger quickly charges almost any type of device from a standard wall socket without a converter. Buyers can purchase replacement chargers, wall-to-device chargers, and even wireless chargers to use for almost any device including laptops, phones, and game controllers. While these chargers can often be difficult to find in many electronics shops, buyers can look on eBay to find more options, deals on chargers, and even second-hand chargers. Buyers should take into account that some chargers are available for international sockets, and that many devices have different power ports, so it is a good idea to check for compatibility.
1 Laptop Chargers
Laptop Chargers

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2 Phone Chargers



4 USB to AC Wall adapters

USB to AC wall adaptors come in many shapes and sizes. Some options fit over the entire wall socket to add USB ports to the socket. Others plug in over one socket to add one or more USB ports. A standard USB brick is an affordable option and simply converts the AC to USB, allowing users to directly plug their USB cables into the socket. Other adaptors actually replace the wall socket to add USB charging plugs as well as the standard AC plug so that buyers can use both at once. For the most part, any USB to AC adaptor works, as long as it has the correct number of USB ports the buyer requires.


5 Wireless Chargers
Wireless Chargers

Wireless chargers are one of the most convenient types of chargers available because many can charge almost any device. Thus, buyers with more than one phone or tablet to charge can consider wireless options as a great way to charge multiple devices at once. Wireless chargers use inductive charging methods to transfer energy from a pad or dock. Not all devices charge inductively so it is important to check the device compatibility in advance to ensure that it works with the charger.


How to Buy AC Wall Chargers

AC wall chargers are useful for charging almost any type of device, as long as the buyer is mindful of which devices the specific charger is compatible with. Some options like wireless charging mats charge almost any device, while others, such as an Apple lighting adaptor, charge only one specific device. Buyers can look on eBay to find any type of charger for a specific device or charging type, as well as second-hand chargers and deals on OEM chargers. While there are thousands of different options available, most people can choose an adaptor based on brand and price.
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