Top 5 Bedroom Sets for the Elderly

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As people age, sleep sometimes becomes an issue. Medical issues and old, uncomfortable mattresses conspire to make sleep itself difficult. Declining strength makes it harder to get into and out of bed without help. An ergonomically correct bedroom is an important part of an aging person staying comfortable and independent longer. Of course, the needs of elderly people vary. Some just want a more comfortable bed. Others need hospital-style beds in order to facilitate intensive nursing care. Fortunately, a wide variety of beds exist, from those manufacturers market specifically to the elderly, to beds that just happen to have what an older sleeper wants.
1 Platform Bed
Platform Bed

Platform beds have the advantage of being very low. Height is important because a bed that is too tall or too short is harder to get into without help. Ideal is a bed of about knee-height. For many sleepers, that is right around 40 centimetres, shorter than the height of most beds but an easy height for a platform with a thick mattress.. The firm surface also helps support the mattress evenly, helping to keep the mattress from sagging. Sagging beds are uncomfortable and hard to get out of. Platforms do not need a box spring, a good cost-saving measure. As the sleeper ages, he or she may want to get a vertical bedside grab pole,, for help sitting and standing.


2 Leggett and Platt S-Cape Adjustable Bed
Leggett and Platt S-Cape Adjustable Bed

The Leggett and Platt S-Cape is a high-end adjustable bed. Adjustable beds are useful for older people who might have trouble moving around on their own. The option to sleep with raised head or raised feet also helps with some medical problems common among the elderly. The S-Cape features a massager for the upper body and another for the feet and legs, each with a choice of settings. Wallhugger technology means that as the bed tilts up, it also scoots back so that the head end of the bed does not move away from the wall. The motor that runs the adjustment mechanism is very quiet. The backlit wireless remote makes the bed easy to control.


3 Leggett and Platt Designer Series Adjustable Bed
Leggett and Platt Designer Series Adjustable Bed

The Designer Series includes the S-Cape and several other beds, such as the D-122 and the C-122. These adjustable beds have most of the features and advantages of the S-Cape but at a more affordable price. The C-122 is the basic model, and has fewer features, but it does have dual massagers and microsuede coverings in a choice of colours.


4 Prodigy Adjustable Leggett and Platt King Bed
Prodigy Adjustable Leggett and Platt King Bed

The Prodigy is the top of the line for


5 Bradshaw Nursing Care Bed

The Bradshaw Nursing Care Bed is, in essence, a hospital bed. Not only is the tilt of its head and feet adjustable for the comfort of its occupant, but its overall height is adjustable as well, for the ease of caregivers. Adjustable self-locking side rails keep the occupant from falling out and discourage wandering if the occupant becomes confused. And yet the Bradshaw bed does not look like a hospital bed. The attractive wooden frame and rails come in a choice of five colours and include headboards and footboards for a home-like touch. Just because a person needs intensive home nursing care is no reason not to have stylish bedroom furniture.


How to Buy Bedroom Sets

eBay has a good selection of reasonably priced beds, although the vendors not always list them by brand. If the right bed does not come up using the Advanced Search feature, try a general basic search instead. Type a simple keyword, like bed, and use the menu options to narrow down the results as much as possible. Then, look around. For any questions, use the contact link on the seller's profile page. Some sellers offer free delivery, an important benefit for an item as heavy as a bed. Finding the right bedroom set for the elderly requires a bit of patience, but it is a small effort for offering them the comfort they deserve.
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