Top 5 Colour Scanners

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A colour scanner is an important piece of equipment in an either a professional or a home office. The scanner takes hard copies of either photo or text documents and imports the information or image onto the computer. There are many factors to consider when purchasing a colour scanner. It is first important to know what the purpose of the scanner is. They also need to know what style scanner they desire; one that contains a document feeder for the documents to scan through, or one where you lay the documents on top of a flatbed and the image is scanned through the glass. Local electronics stores and eBay, both carry a wide array of colour scanners for the consumer to choose from.
1 Canon image Formula DR-C125
Canon image Formula DR-C125

The Canon image Formula DR-C125 is a great option for the consumer looking to buy a desktop scanner. This desktop scanner is a compact flatbed scanner. The scanner comes with software that is easily installed and the set-up is also very simple. The scanner also comes with additional software allowing the scanner to work with business cards or PDF files. Speed is also a highlight of this colour scanner. It scans up to twenty-five pages per minute during simplex, or one sided, scanning.

2 Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner
Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner

Another option for a flat bed scanner is the Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner. One of the pros of this scanner is that it is portable and runs on four AA batteries. The scanner comes with an SD card to transfer scanned images or texts to a home computer. There is also a built in LCD screen to view what has been scanned and ensure accuracy. Another unique feature of this colour scanner is that it supports an Eye-Fi card, which allows the user to send scanned images or text to a smartphone.

3 Kodak i2600
Kodak i2600

Colour scanners may scan using an automatic document feeder rather than a flatbed. One great option for this type of scanner is the Kodak i2600. A desktop scanner, the Kodak i2600 sets up easily and comes with software that is also simple to install and use. It also folds up when not in use. The capability to do heavy duty scanning is feature of this colour scanner. It can scan up to four thousand sheets per day. Duplex scanning, or the scanning of pages both front and back, is another great feature of this scanner. The user can also set up profiles for easy scanning directly to your email or a specific computer drive.

4 Xerox DocuMate 3115
Xerox DocuMate 3115

Another great option for a portable scanner is the Xerox DocuMate 3115. This portable scanner uses an automatic document feeder to scan. A power adapter plugged into an outlet gives this scanner the power to run; but it can also run off power supplied through a USB cable. Set up of both the scanner itself and the software provided is simple. A great feature of this scanner is that it has the ability to scan thicker materials like that of a driver's licence or an identification card.

5 HP Scanjet Pro 3000 s2 Sheet-Feed Scanner
HP Scanjet Pro 3000 s2 Sheet-Feed Scanner

The HP Scanjet Pro 3000 scanner is a great option for a desktop scanner. This compact scanner fits nicely on a desktop as the trays fold up when not in use. The software provided is easily installed and compatible with Windows programming. This scanner is capable of duplex scanning. The user is also able to set up profiles for easy transfer of the items or images scanned to computer drives. The user can also select up to five destinations per scan and adjust the settings, like colour and resolution per scan.

How to Buy a Colour Scanner on eBay

There are many options for consumers when searching for the right colour scanner to buy. Buyers can begin their search by entering "colour scanners" in the search field when they begin their search on eBay.. In order to simplify their search, a buyer can enter terms like " mobile scanner" or search by a brand by entering a specific brand such as " Kodak scanners." This provides them with a more specific list of items. By then clicking on the scanner they feel works best for them, they then have access to information like pricing and compatibility requirements. Consumers have an endless array of options when looking to buy a colour scanner. The buyer must first decide what functions they need their scanner to provide. They can then decide which brand and model fits their needs and price point best. No matter their needs or price point, a buyer has many options tofind a colour scanner that works for them.
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