Top 5 DVD-R Discs

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DVD-R is a recordable DVD disc with a normal storage capacity of 4.7 GB of data. Dual layer DVD-R discs hold nearly twice as much data at 8.5 GB, but data on all DVD-R discs is permanent once recorded. The advantage of the DVD-R is that inadvertently overwritten data cannot occur because the data is burned onto the disc and not removable, making it suitable for a variety of uses where users wish to keep their data secure from overwriting. There are a number of different types of DVD-R discs available to the consumer to suit a variety of data recording tasks.
1 White Inkjet Printable DVD-R
White Inkjet Printable DVD-R

White Inkjet printable DVD-R discs feature a white surface on the top of the disc that allows specialised Inkjet printers to print labelling text directly onto the top surface of the disc. This is particularly beneficial for businesses and individuals that utilise large quantities of discs for storage because it eliminates the need for external labels that frequently come loose. Standardised label printing also eliminates errors that occur from handwritten labels that are illegible. White Inkjet printable discs feature edge-to-edge printing surfaces that enable users to print detailed descriptions of the information present on the disc.


2 High-Speed DVD-R
High-Speed DVD-R

The advent of high-speed DVD recorders opened up improved performance characteristics for DVD recording. Faster speeds translates into improved performance when it comes to recording data onto a DVD-R disc, so high-speed DVD-R discs are ideal for recording intricate data such as movies and music. High-speed DVD-R discs deliver dramatic time savings to the user as well as more precise data recording because data is written to the disc much quicker. This is especially helpful when recording large amounts of data to multiple discs.


3 High-Capacity DVD-R
High-Capacity DVD-R

Standard capacity DVD-R discs store 4.7 GB of data. Data is stored on a transparent layer on each disc that a laser in the DVD player reads. In order to improve storage capacity, a second layer added to the disc allows the laser to access it by shining through the first transparent layer. This dual-layer technology increases the DVD-R disc space from 4.7 GB to 8.5 GB without otherwise increasing the size of the disc.


4 Bulk DVD-R Spools
Bulk DVD-R Spools

DVD-R discs find frequent use as storage media for companies and individuals who need to backup their data. Frequently purchasing packs of DVD-R discs for these storage needs quickly becomes expensive, so purchasing bulk spools of DVD-R discs is an economical alternative to buying smaller packs. Bulk spools are available in sizes from 25 discs up to several hundred depending upon the needs of the user. Bulk spools dramatically lower the cost per disc, which is important when storing large amounts of data.


5 DVD-R Media with Cases
DVD-R Media with Cases

While bulk DVD-R discs are economical for large amounts of storage, the discs do not come with cases, so they are usually stored in some other manner. DVD-R media with cases is a more appropriate solution when protecting individual DVD-R discs is more important than storing large amounts of data. DVD-R media with cases usually come in either five or ten packs and come with labels to mark the cases and discs. DVD cases are made of durable plastic to protect the disc and are slim enough to stack for storage.


Popular DVD-R Brands

Many different companies produce DVD-R discs and some companies produce serviceable quality discs at reduced prices for large-scale storage use for routine data backup. Popular companies such as Verbatim, Sony, TDK, Maxell, HP, and Memorex produce the majority of DVD-R discs used by individuals. These companies have established a reputation for delivering quality DVD-R discs that consumers rely on to record their important data.

Uses for DVD-R Media

DVD-R discs find use across a wide assortment of tasks. They are ideal for backing up music and videos from personal collections for use away from home. Most DVD-R discs can store an entire feature length film on them as well as hundreds of songs, making them ideal for backup. Since DVD-R discs have more storage capacity than CD discs, they are preferable for storing and backing up computer data, especially since they prevent data overwriting. DVD-R discs are easy to store and transport, which makes them an excellent method for backing up and storing important files and data.

Finding DVD-R Discs on eBay

The large inventory of available DVD-R discs on eBay makes it easy for buyers to find and purchase the type of DVD-R they need for the task at hand. Buyers can simply navigate to any eBay page and enter a specific keyword such as "DVD-R" into the search box on that page. A list of available products displays for the buyer to search through. They can also select from various subcategories that refine the search criteria and narrow the results that display to make it easier to find what they need. Advanced shopping tools on eBay enable buyers to find what they need quickly and at great prices.
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