Top 5 Disco Dresses

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A disco party is a special kind of dance party that takes the participants back to previous decades, when the simple yet rhythmic and pulsating music of the same name was at its height. This music was made for dancing, and it requires certain outfits to carry the style. Today, disco has become a popular theme for dress-up parties, mainly because it is fun. Women can dress in disco style with several kinds of disco dresse s, such as the goddess dress, the maxi dress, the batwing draped kimono, the ruffle dress, and the boho cocktail dress. Besides looking for such dresses in high street clothing stores and secondhand shops, buyers can find them on sites such as eBay.
1 Goddess Dress
Goddess Dress

The goddess dress resembles the kind of outfit ancient Greek goddesses are depicted as wearing. Such dresses are long and flowing, and the most common colour for them is white. They hide many flaws and drape around the waist in order to emphasise the narrowest part of a woman's body. Goddess dresses bare the shoulders, showing off the arms, while they also tend to leave at least part of the back uncovered. For a disco party, it is reasonable to go for a slightly altered version of the goddess dress, namely, a shorter one that allows one to move more freely. Accessories for such dresses include sandals, arm cuffs, and laurel wreaths, as well as wigs.


2 Maxi Dress
Maxi Dress

A maxi dress is any kind of long dress that extends to or past the ankles. Maxi dresses come in many patterns and in a wide variety of cuts and designs. The styles that best flatter the body shape include ones with a draped waist and ones with a V-shaped neckline. Long earrings go well with these long dresses, as they echo the overall long line. Maxi dresses for disco parties can be glittering and feature bold colour combinations or prints. Plackets at the side allow for free movement. These dresses are best worn with a pair of stylish wedges.


3 Batwing Draped Kimono
Batwing Draped Kimono

The batwing sleeve has a tight wrist, or does not extend to the wrist at all, but features a loose and deep armhole, looking rather similar to a bat's wing. A kimono is a loose-fitting robe fitted at the waist, so all in all, a batwing draped kimono is a wide dress, fastened at the waist, with long sleeves that narrow at the wrists. Kimonos are traditional clothing in Japan, so the dress style may also feature a Japanese pattern, although for a disco party, the pattern or colour may be of any kind.


4 Ruffle Dress
Ruffle Dress

Ruffle dresses come in all lengths and cuts, but they all share one feature: the ruffles. Ruffles are strips of cloth or lace, gathered along one edge for a fluffier look. The position of a ruffle influences the overall appearance of the dress, as the focus is on the place where the ruffle is. For instance, a dress with ruffles mainly in the hip area draws attention to the wearer's hips. This is essential to consider when choosing a dress to flatter the figure and hide any possible flaws.


5 Boho Cocktail Dress
Boho Cocktail Dress

Boho refers to the "bohemian" characteristics of an artistic and creative person, who acts freely and disobeys conventional rules and regulations. Boho dresses convey a somewhat hippie style, as well as the idea of freedom. At the same time, cocktail dresses are for formal occasions. Thus, a boho cocktail dress combines the playfulness of the bohemian style with the more formal cut of a cocktail dress. Typically, a boho cocktail dress has the stylistic lines of a cocktail dress, but features the cheerful and colourful patterns typical of the bohemian style.


How to Buy Disco Dresses on eBay

On eBay, you can find a wide selection of disco dresses if you type the relevant keywords into the search box at the top of any eBay page. Should the first search yield too few or undesired results, click on related searches. You can also refine the results by sorting them in terms of price or other feature. Choose from a range of boho cocktail dresses, ruffle dresses, batwing draped kimonos, maxi dresses, and goddess dresses. These are all rather loose-fitting, allowing you to move freely and perform even the most difficult disco moves. Read the detailed item listings to learn about the measurements of specific dresses, so as to ensure that you buy a dress of the correct size.
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