Top 5 Fitted Cases for the iPod

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These days, iPods are almost as high-tech as smart phones, which means they are also easy to break. Putting a fitted case on one not only helps prevent damage, but it also keeps the device free of scratches and dents. Some cases also have special features such as a clip or slots for credit cards. Getting a fitted case is also a great way to personalise the iPod in all kinds of colours and patterns. However, a lot of decorative cases offer very little protection for the phone. It is important to find one that meets the shopper's needs because all cases differ in durability as well as appearance
1 iSkin Claro for iPod Touch

iSkin has been making colourful cases for iPhones and iPods for a while, but they took the colour out of their Claro cover. It is a clear, hard plastic case with a polymer finish. It is easy to grip, durable, and doesn't hide any of the iPod's unique features. Since it is clear, it also does not make the iPod Touch look as bulky as some cases do. Anyone who wants a simple, functional case without the flash is likely to enjoy the iSkin Claro..


2 Case Logic iPod Classic Silicone Cases

The iPod Classic is the largest iPod model from Apple. The Case Logic silicone cover for the Classic is a bit different from the rest. Most silicone cases protect the screen, the clickwheel, or both. However, the Case Logic cover does not protect either of them. While this may seem odd at first, it makes sense to those who do not want a cover creating a glare on the screen or a cover preventing the clickwheel from functioning perfectly. Even the best cases diminish the sensitivity of the clickwheel. While the Case Logic iPod Classic silicone case may not provide the maximum amount of protection, it does prevent dents and scratches as well as absorb impacts without inhibiting the functionality of the device.


3 iPod Touch Otterbox Defender

Trident Aegis Case for iPod Touch 4GThose who want the maximum amount of protection can go with the iPod Touch Otterbox Defender.. The company specialises in top-notch cases that keep the device as safe as possible. The Defender case has three layers. The first is a screen protector that prevents scratches on the glass. Next is the polycarbonate shell that covers the phone and absorbs shocks or impacts, which can easily damage the delicate electronic components of the device. The third layer is a silicone skin that covers the second layer and offers a little more protection against bumps and scrapes. The silicone also adds grip so that people are less likely to drop their iPod. The only drawback to the iPod Touch Otterbox Defender is that it is bulky and it is not the most attractive cover on the market.


4 Trident Aegis Case for iPod Touch 4G
Trident Aegis Case for iPod Touch 4G

The Trident Aegis case for the iPod Touch 4G is similar to the Otterbox in that it has three protective layers, but they are in reversed positions. It has a silicone interior layer that cushions the iPod, and a polycarbonate outer layer for some more serious protection against bangs and scrapes. There are six different colours to choose from and each case comes with a screen protector. The one flaw is that, since the headphone port is slightly recessed, some headphone jacks do not slide all the way into the port. An audio jack extender is available from the manufacturer.


5 Crystal Case for iPod Touch 2G

Trident Aegis Case for iPod Touch 4GThe Crystal Case for the iPod Touch 2G is another clear cover for the device. It's a hard shell that keeps the iPod visible while still protecting it from hazards. The Crystal cases in particular are average when it comes to protection, but they also cost less. The case snaps on and off easily and only covers the back and sides of the iPod. If shoppers are only looking for a case that prevents scratches and minor dents, then the Crystal is a good choice.


How to Buy a Fitted Case for an iPod on eBay

Purchasing a fitted case for your iPod is like buying insurance for it. The case protects it from damage so that it lasts longer. You can find thousands of cases on eBay including any case imaginable. All you have to do is use the search bar to create a list of products to browse through. Since there are so many to choose from, add the ones that you find interesting to your Watch List so that you can find them again later. Otherwise it is easy to lose track of which ones you liked. Also, find the sellers with a good reputation that offer free postage and packaging. This cuts your cost down and makes shopping on eBay even more convenient.
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