Top 5 Gas Ovens

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Ultimately, the option of cooking with electricity and cooking with gas comes down to a matter of choice and what type of connections are available in the home or flat. Just like some grillers have preferences when it comes to choosing between charcoal or gas grills, a similar choice looms for the home cook. Some feel that cooking with gas, whether on the cooktop or in the oven, allows for greater heat control. Many major manufacturers make gas ovens including Beko, Bosch and Miele. These ovens come in both single- and double-oven formats, most with built-in grill sections. There are many different retailers that sell gas ovens, including appliance stores, department stores, and home improvement and hardware stores. For online purchases, eBay is a solid option, offering numerous brands, styles, colours, and other choices.
1 New World NW601G 60 cm High Single Gas Oven

The New World NW601G 60 cm High Single Gas Oven is a Gyroflo conventional gas oven. This means that the oven is actually hotter at the top than the bottom, allowing a number of dishes to be made simultaneously. It also features a conventional grill, flame safety device, drop-down door, and heat-reflective door glass. The New World NW601G is available in stainless steel, white, black, metallic red, and chrome effect. Its dimensions are 585 mm high, by 595 mm wide, by 550 mm deep and it has a usable capacity of 69 litres. It comes with two shelves and has five available shelf positions.

2 Stoves SGB900PS 900mm Built-in Gas Double Oven
Stoves SGB900PS 900mm Built-in Gas Double Oven

Another top-of-the-line gas oven is the Stoves SGB900PS 900mm Built-in Gas Double Oven.. The Stoves SGB900PS is a conventional gas oven that features a programmable clock and timer and two oven shelves with telescopic sliders in the main oven. Both ovens come with a New World's flame safety device. The top oven has a single shelf, electric grill and a capacity of 29 litres. The bottom oven, which has a usable capacity of 51 litres, features a rear-mounted halogen light. The Stoves SGB900PS is 885 mm tall, 595 mm wide, and 500 mm deep.

3 Belling BI60G 60cm Built-in Gas Oven

Like the Stoves SGB900PS, the Belling BI60G 60 cm Built-in Gas Oven features a programmable time and electric grill. It has a 69 litre capacity, an 'A' energy rating, and a flame safety device. The Belling BI60G 60 cm Built-in Gas Oven also has easy-clean enamel surfaces, two removable shelves with five available shelf position, auto ignition, and a drop-down glass door. This conventional single oven features natural convection. Its dimensions are 585 mm tall, 595 mm wide, and 550 mm deep.

4 New World NW901G 90cm Built-in Gas Oven
New World NW901G 90cm Built-in Gas Oven

For those seeking more oven space, New World also offers the NW901G 90 cm Built-in Gas Oven. This double oven is available in the same colour schemes as the New World NW601G. The New World NW901G is a conventional gas oven, with a gas grill in the top oven, which has one removable shelf and two shelf positions. The main oven has two removable shelves, five shelf positions and a capacity of 51 litres, and the top oven a capacity of 29 litres. Both ovens feature heat-reflective door glass and a drop-down door. The New World NW901G is also a Gyroflo conventional oven and is 1,025 mm tall, 660 mm wide, and 720 mm deep.

5 CDA SC310WH 60cm Single Gas Oven
CDA SC310WH 60cm Single Gas Oven

For buyers with limited space, the CDA SC310WH 60 cm Single Gas Oven is an ideal option. It has a stainless steel interior, interior halogen light, removable exterior door and interior door glass for easy cleaning. Furthermore, it features a minute minder, cooling fan, chromed rack sides with anti-tilt shelves and an enamel interior that is a breeze to clean. It offers a gas grill, two flat oven shelves, and a grill pan with grid, along with a natural gas conversion kit. Available in white and stainless steel, its dimensions are 595 mm high, 595 mm wide, and 540 mm deep.

How to Buy the Top 5 Gas Ovens

Locating the top five gas ovens is as simple as searching eBay. On each eBay Web page, there is a search box at the top. Visitors to the site only need to enter the desired search term like ' built-in gas ovens' or ' Belling gas ovens' and a multitude of choices appears. Narrowing those choices further by selecting brand, colour, fuel type, oven number, and condition makes selecting the ideal gas oven simple. Other considerations include shipping costs, as large items can be expensive to ship. The ideal option is to search for oven sellers who are nearby and offer local pickup. A gas oven should only be installed by trained personnel, so consumers should contact a local contractor for installation.
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