Top 5 HDMI Cables

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From laptops to TVs to game consoles and set top boxes, it seems that just about every new device in production includes an HDMI port on it. That is a good thing, because most experts consider this type of connection as providing the best quality picture and sound. In order to connect these devices, the user must have an HDMI cable, and there are a number of quality ones on the market. Before purchasing, buyers should find out which ones make the list of the top 5 HDMI cables, and how to compare them to find the best one for every situation.
1 Monster HDMI Cables
Monster HDMI Cables

The Monster name is legendary in the cable industry. Setting the standard for both emerging technologies and high quality construction, Monster HDMI cables are far superior in providing exceptional picture and sound quality. They should be superior, because they are also generally among the highest priced cables on the market. The company backs up these claims by doing their own thorough testing, and most reviews agree that the cables truly are high quality.


2 Amazon HDMI Cables

Below a certain length, approximately 2 metres, all 1080p HDMI cables perform equally well. This means that it is not always necessary to buy the high-priced brands. There are a number of other brands on the market with a reputation for providing high quality connections at lower prices. Amazon HDMI cables are traditionally inexpensive and they are also considered good quality by most users. Amazon even colour codes the connectors to make ones that go to different components easy to identify.

3 Cmple HDMI Cables
Cmple HDMI Cables

Cmple is another company that produces lower priced HDMI Cables. The company's most popular cables offer the consumer the same cutting edge technology that more costly brands do, allowing the consumer access to a connection that easily handles 3D and other media signals. Critics of the brand express a need for the company to use better materials, which would increase the picture quality.

4 dCables HDMI Cables
dCables HDMI Cables

Priced well below the competitors but packed with future-proof technologies, dCables seem to be making all the right moves. Their HDMI cables boast durable construction, the use of quality materials, and the support of emerging technologies such as Ethernet. Besides all that, they are also some of the most affordable cables on the market.

5 MonoPrice High Speed HDMI Cables
MonoPrice High Speed HDMI Cables

Another budget priced HDMI cable maker, MonoPrice's high speed HDMI cables include many of the same features that higher end cables do. The brand is a favourite amongst consumers and has fared well in the past when pitted against leading Monster cables. Unfortunately, some of the other brands have recently managed to produce higher quality, better functioning cables than MonoPrice, leaving some critics concerned about the cables' ability to keep up with emerging technology.


Comparison of the Top 5 HDMI Cables

The price range for the same length of cable can vary dramatically from one manufacturer to another. It is always best to get the best quality for the price, so when choosing an HDMI cable, compare their capabilities and durability to find the best value.

1080p HDMI Cables

1080p is the highest quality of video input that most devices support. Manufacturers produce HDMI cables that transmit lesser quality, 720p, but the display image suffers some when using these lower quality cables. Manufactures are working toward even higher quality displays, and Monster and dCables both sell cables that already transmit at these higher ratings.

Durable HDMI Cables

As with all cables, a well-constructed, durable HDMI cable is more likely to provide a secure, quality connection over time. The owner of a cable used to connect a Blu-ray player or a game console to one TV may only plug it in a few times during its lifetime. The importance of durability is much less for such a cable than it is for one that the consumer regularly connects to several devices or one that travels with a portable device. When choosing an HDMI cable for durability, consider the construction of the cable as well as the connections. Cables built for durability generally cost much more, and that extra price may not be worth it if a lesser-priced cable can provide the same quality connection.

HDMI Cable Length

The longer an HDMI cable is, the more it generally costs. This is one area where choosing the shorter, lesser priced cable can actually provide a better quality picture. Regardless of the cable's brand name, the signal diminishes over long distances. This degradation differs between brands, with top brands degrading less over longer lengths. However, at short lengths, there is little difference in the quality of picture produced and the amount of signal degradation. Therefore, by choosing the shortest cable length that works for the situation, not only can consumers save money, they can also be sure to get the best quality picture possible.

How to Buy HDMI Cables on eBay

Many consumers enjoy purchasing technology items online, where it is easy to take the time to compare different options. eBay sellers provide consumers with a large selection of HDMI cables to choose from, including those from all of most popular brands. Shop on eBay for the 5 top HDMI cables and find high quality, durable connections
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