Top 5 Headgear Items for Theatrical Performances

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Hats as part of a costume or a theatrical performance help set up the story of the character wearing it. A few types of hats are so iconic that they provide a great deal of knowledge about the character just by being present. When the actor steps out with one of these classic head coverings, they immediately impart a meaning, social position, and possible intent to the audience.
1 Top Hats
Top Hats

A top hat commands attention when worn because it indicates a performer is wealthy, from a different era, or the leader of a show, such as a ringmaster of a circus. Top hats also feature prominently in magic shows,, where performers use them in tricks. Many people also know these vintage hats as high hats, silk hats, cylinder hats, or stovepipe hats. The types with a tall crown and broad brim were fashionable from the later part of the 1800s to the middle of the 1900s. They were fashioned out of fur, usually beaver, or silk. Today, this hat features prominently in men's and women's Steampunk costumes,, since Steampunk represents the same period. The hats comprise leather, satin, or wool and come in a variety of colours, hatband types, and flourishes.


2 Witch Hat
Witch Hat

The classic tall, conical black hat is an immediate symbol to the audience of magical ability, possibly dark intent, and strong femininity, since males rarely wear witch hats. Its origins are unknown, but it became popular in movies such as "The Wizard of Oz". However, some speculate that the hat is an offshoot from the dunce-style hat from the 15th century, or the Puritans' tall blunted hats. This Halloween staple features polyester, cotton, or velvet. It can be featureless or include veils, flowers, feathers, or any number of decorative flourishes. The hat now comes in colours other than black, such as red, white, or green. These other colours indicate magical ability but not necessarily dark intentions.


3 Crown

In the theatre, the crown indicates royalty, leadership, power, triumph, or great beauty, such as tiaras used in beauty pageants. Many times, these circles of metal are quite ornate, featuring multiple points, embedded jewels, cloth inserts, and more. Generally speaking, size does matter. For instance, a king often wears a large, ornate crown, while the queen and princess wear lesser ones. This type of hat in an oversized proportion typically indicates comedy or whimsy. The design of the crown also indicates the setting of the play. For instance, European-style crowns look like the standard circle of metals and gems. Egyptian crowns are much more complex, featuring a snake head on top and cloth or gold plates coming down around the sides of the head. Crowns of items such as ice crystals strongly indicate a mystical presence, such as an ice queen, while leaves and animal horns imply a forest ruler.


4 Indian Headdress
Indian Headdress

Also called war bonnets, the Indian headdress indicates a leader of the Native Americans but not a specific tribe. It also has connotations of possible violence, wisdom, bravery, and spiritual importance. Unlike the other hats that users wear because of privilege, the Indian headdress represents a symbol of honour for the person's deeds. Only males where them, because females in the old Indian tribes were not warriors. The original war bonnets were made from eagle feathers,, beads, and leather straps. Since eagles are protected now, headdresses for costumes include dyed chicken or duck feathers, fake fur,, and plastic beads.. They come in a number of different colours other than the traditional white and black feathers.


5 1920s Flapper Headgear
1920s Flapper Headgear

The 1920s icon look includes men's pinstripe suits and the fringe layered dresses of young girls known as flappers. Headbands were all the rage then. They feature an elastic, beaded, or cloth band, often covered in sequins with feather flourishes worn on one side of the head. Many also had a focal jewellery, lace, or flower piece next to the feather. The flapper headband tells the audience that the wearer is an independent, modern woman and possibly a party girl. The 1920s featured great social change for women, and the flapper embodied that sense of independence.


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