Top 5 Lederhosen Accessories

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Lederhosen are short leather trousers, mainly popular in Bavaria, an area in southeast Germany that borders on the Czech Republic and Austria. Lederhosen shorts are a part of the traditional male costume for Oktoberfest, a beer festival in Germany that takes place each year in October. Special accessories go with the lederhosen in order to complete the outfit. The top five accessories include suspenders, alpine hats, trachten shirts, Bavarian shoes, and high socks. The quality of these accessories is important to consider, because, together with the right type of lederhosen, they provide an authentic look. Lederhosen and their accessories are available in special costume shops, but they are likely to be even easier to find on sites such as eBay.
1 Suspenders

The suspenders, or the so-called braces, support the trousers and keep them up with special clips or buttons at their ends, then connecting to the trousers. These straps or bands are adjustable, and people wear them over their shoulders. When looking for the right size, it is important to measure from the waist up to the shoulder (front) and then back down on the opposite side (back). The straps can either be narrow or wide and many also have a breastplate included. Typically, there is some kind of logo on the breastplate that gives the suspenders a special touch.

2 Alpine Hats
Alpine Hats

The hat">Alpine hat is a genuine German hat available in grey, green, black, or red. Typically, the material is made of pure wool, and a special treatment renders it non-shrinking. There is often a band around the hat, as well as a traditional loop on the left side. Feathers, brushes, and other accessories, such as flowers, are popular additions to the hat, and buyers can choose their own to create a special look. Some Germans also attach badges to the hat. The Alpine hat got its name from its place of origin, the Alps.

3 Trachten Shirt
Trachten Shirt

The trachten shirt is yet another important part of the lederhosen costume. The shirt is typically chequered and has buttons as well as long sleeves. Another option is a plain white shirt with some traditional embroidery, such as Bavarian lions, and decorative buttons. A casual Henley shirt can also do the trick. Modern trachten shirts are also available with imprints. Cotton is the most common material for sewing trachten shirts, and sometimes cotton is blended with linen. These natural materials are easy on the skin, and even people with allergies can wear them comfortably.

4 Bavarian Shoes
Bavarian Shoes

Traditional Bavarian shoes bear the Haferlschuh name. Bavarians also call these shoes by the name of Bundschuh. Initially designed for walking on rough terrain in the Alps, these Bavarian shoes still have rugged soles that prevent slipping. They are very comfortable and are thus also suitable for everyday wear, not only for the Oktoberfest. These shoes are commonly made of thick leather that makes them waterproof. The shoes are low and often have buckles. The laces are at the side, not in the front as with many other shoe types. A good pair of Bavarian shoes can last for a long time if one maintains them properly with leather conditioner.

5 High Socks
High Socks

Even the socks have to be special and follow tradition in order for the costume to pass the authenticity test. The socks are knee-high, thus covering the entire calf. In October, when Oktoberfest takes place, this makes them quite practical, as the weather at this time of year can be chilly. Cotton is the most common material for these high socks. The socks can be either plain, in one colour, or they may feature a fun pattern. Green, yellow, and red on a white background are typical pattern colours for such socks. The choice of style depends on the wearer's personality and courage.

How to Buy Lederhosen Accessories on eBay

The easiest way to start looking for any of the top five lederhosen accessories on eBay is by typing the relevant keywords into the search box at the top of any eBay page. If the first search does not yield the desired results, you can modify the search terms or try clicking on similar searches. Some lederhosen accessories come with several name variations, so it is also worth searching for these. As you are putting together a costume, pay attention to every detail and try to match items with each other in terms of style and colour. Pay close attention to the sizing, and measure yourself accordingly. To be sure, it is best to check with the seller. You can also contact the seller if you have any other questions.
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