Top 5 Motorola Walkie-Talkies

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Communication is crucial, and thanks to technology, people can stay in touch with others irrespective of where they are. Walkie-talkies, or two-way radios, give people the power to keep in touch with others even in areas that are devoid of mobile networks, such as in the mountains, at desolate beaches, or anywhere else. Many people purchase Motorola's walkie-talkies, and while people can buy them in shops that sell radio communication equipment, looking online at sites like eBay can offer more options. Before buying a Motorola walkie-talkie, buyers should learn about the top Motorola walkie-talkies available.
1 Motorola Talkabout MB140R Walkie-Talkie

Motorola Talkabout FV300 Walkie-TalkieAlthough the Motorola Talkabout MB140R walkie-talkie is an entry-level two-way radio, it comes packed with features and makes it to TopTenReviews' list of best walkie-talkies. This walkie-talkie comes in a compact design, making it ideal for users of all ages. This walkie-talkie is water resistant, and users can use this model around bodies of water without having to worry. This walkie-talkie gives users 22 channels from which to choose and its auto-scan feature enables the device to find the clearest one. This feature helps to save time since users do not have to try different channels before choosing the clearest. The Motorola Talkabout MB140R walkie-talkie comes with a 16 km range, has a changeable alert tone, comes with a backlit display, and includes a battery meter and low battery indicator. One drawback is that it lacks a keystroke alert tone.


2 Motorola Talkabout FV300 Walkie-Talkie
Motorola Talkabout FV300 Walkie-Talkie

Motorola's Talkabout FV300 walkie-talkie, like the MB140R, comes in a compact design, and also makes it to the TopTenReviews' list of best walkie-talkies. This rugged Motorola walkie-talkie gives people the ability to stay in touch indoors as well as outdoors, although it is not water resistant. The FV300, unlike many other walkie-talkies, is not dependent on its rechargeable battery pack, and can also use three AAA batteries, making it ideal for people who do not want to worry about charging their walkie-talkies periodically. It supports 22 channels and can find the clearest using its auto-scan technology. The Motorola Talkabout FV300 walkie-talkie offers a range of up to 16 km. It gives users 10 different call tones from which to choose, comes with a keypad lock, and it also incorporates a low battery indicator. No VOX operation, however, is a drawback.


3 Motorola T8 Walkie-Talkie
Motorola T8 Walkie-Talkie

The Motorola T8 walkie-talkie offers users a wide range of functions, making it ideal for establishments like hotels, shopping centres, hospitals, and supermarkets. Motorola T8 is a licence-free, easy-to-use, high specification walkie-talkie that also works well in extreme conditions. Its rugged design, splash-proof exterior, and inbuilt LED torch are useful to consumers. This walkie-talkie comes with a group call function that allows users to keep in touch with multiple people at the same time. Users can create as many as 121 groups, and each group can consist of up to 16 individuals. The T8 walkie-talkie offers a 10 km range, supports eight channels, offers hands-free VoX functionality, and comes with a twin charger pod that allows users to carry spare batteries.


4 Motorola Talkabout MR350R Walkie-Talkie
Motorola Talkabout MR350R Walkie-Talkie

Motorola's Talkabout MR350 walkie-talkie offers users an impressive range of up to 55 km, making it ideal for people who wish to treat the outdoors as home. Rugged and lightweight, this walkie-talkie comes with a plethora of features. Talkabout MR350 connects users to NOAA weather channels and NOAA weather alerts, keeping them forewarned of any rough weather. Other safety features include an emergency alert button and an inbuilt LED flashlight. The MR350 supports up to 22 channels, comes with a vibrating alert, offers users a mini USB charging port, and contains a battery pack or three AAA batteries.


5 Motorola Talkabout MH230R Walkie-Talkie
Motorola Talkabout MH230R Walkie-Talkie

The Motorola Talkabout MH230R walkie-talkie works well on camping trips and can function as an affordable set of backup walkie-talkies. This general purpose walkie-talkie comes with a range of up to 37 km. It supports up to 22 channels and comes with channel scan functionality. It also connects users to NOAA weather channels. Other features of the Motorola Talkabout MH230R walkie-talkie include a mini USB charging port, a quiet talk function, and low battery alert. As with all of the other models on this list, users can enjoy the Motorola Talkabout MH230R walkie-talkie as a hands-free device.


How to Buy Motorola Walkie-Talkies on eBay

Those looking for Motorola walkie-talkies find many options from which to choose when shopping on eBay. These include top models like the Talkabout MB140R, Talkabout FV300, Talkabout MR350R, Talkabout MR350R, and T8, as well as a range of others. Shopping top-rated sellers provides sellers with peace of mind. Buyers can also look for sellers who offer deals with free delivery. Buyers can also find used and refurbished Motorola walkie-talkies for sale on eBay, which gives them the opportunity to save some money.
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