Top 5 Mullet Skirts

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A mullet skirt, also known as a high low skirt, has seen a reappearance in women's fashion. This skirt gets its name because the back of the skirt is quite a bit longer than the front of the skirt. This creates a very interesting silhouette, and it is still easy to move in these skirts. There are many different styles of these skirts available, so a woman can find an item that creates the perfect look. Some of the options available include a Roland Klein high low skirt and a Jason Wu high low pleated skirt. These are just some of the options that a woman has when it comes to the style of a mullet skirt.
1 ASOS Lace Insert Skirt with High Low Hem

Vans Hysteria High Low SkirtThis Asos high low skirt is a classy option that is very fashion forward. The front of this skirt falls above a woman's knees while the back falls all the way back to the bottom of one's calves. The skirt is a cream colour, so it is perfect for spring and summer. Made of sheer chiffon, the skirt also has lace details around the edge as well as floral lace inserts throughout the skirt. The sophisticated design is suitable for some professional wear or perhaps a day out.


2 Roland Klein High Low Hem Skirt

This version of the mullet skirt is very wearable. It is a modest option because the front of the skirt is also pretty long and falls to the wearer's shin. Thus, this is a good choice for a woman who is interested in wearing the fad, but does not want to show too much leg. Because it is longer, this skirt is an option for more professional occasions as well. At the longest point, the skirt is 94 cm in length. The top of the skirt has elastic in the back and it is slimming to the waistline. The skirt comes in ivory and black, and the material is lightweight chiffon, so it is a great option for warmer months.


3 Jason Wu High Low Pleated Skirt

This skirt from Jason Wu uses beads to add some interest to the piece. The skirt is pink, and the beading is all over the skirt in different tones. The design is also asymmetrical. The detailing makes the garment look somewhat dressy, though it is still comfortable. The front of this skirt falls to a little above the wearer's knees while the back of the skirt reaches mid-calf. The skirt's material is a combination of silk, nylon, and other materials. This skirt has a lot of pleats, so there is a lot of movement with the garment when someone walks.


4 Vans Hysteria High Low Skirt
Vans Hysteria High Low Skirt

This skirt from Vans embodies the casual nature of the company's clothing line. This skirt is good for a woman who enjoys a more casual style but still wants to follow fashion trends. The high low skirt is fairly long as it reaches about mid-shin level in front, and it falls almost to the ankles at the back. The length is 94 cm in the back and 50.8 cm in the front. The Vans skirt is great for a day on the go because the material is a combination of cotton and rayon. The skirt has an elastic waistband, so it is comfortable. It comes in black and grey and looks great with strappy sandals or flats.


5 HDE Trendy Double Layer Sheer High Low Skirt

This is a sheer high low skirt that is the epitome of this fashion. The cut of the skirt is very short in the front and falls at about a woman's mid-thigh. The back of the skirt is flowing and falls almost to the wearer's ankles. Another benefit of this skirt is that it comes in a lot of different colours. The colour options include yellow, black, beige, grey, red, peach, mint green, and even a leopard print. The skirt is double-layered, and there is also a built-in slip. It has an elastic waistband, so it is easy to pull on.


How to Buy a Mullet Skirt on eBay

If you are looking to get in on the fad and purchase a mullet skirt, then you can find some great options on eBay. One of the best places to start looking is with a keyword search. You can just type phrases, such as " chiffon high low skirt" into the search box. If you are having trouble making a decision, you can look at feedback to see what previous buyers have said about a certain skirt. It is also a good idea to check out Top Sellers that have consistently gotten high ratings and see if any of them offer free shipping.
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