Top 5 NES Games

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5 - Mega Man 2

When Capcom released the first Mega Man, gamers found a fun, but flawed introduction to the series. Extremely difficult, with fiddly platforming and no password system, some players were put off. A year later, with the release of Mega Man 2, every improvement possible was made. Perfectly balanced weapons, difficulty, and platforming elements, combined with the 'choose your own level' structure introduced gameplay elements that still show influence today.
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4 - Super Mario Bros

Little needs to be said about Super Mario Bros. A game that sold a console, influenced millions, revitalised the industry, and made Shigeru Miyamoto a household name. Still an excellent game to play today, and one that feels truly timeless.

3 - Contra (Probotector)

A reworking of an arcade classic, Contra (Probotector in the UK) offers a challenging, explosive rollercoaster ride, mixing side scrolling and pseudo-3D levels, huge bosses, varied weapons, epic music, and a two player co-operative mode that will make or break friendships

2 - The Legend of Zelda

Shigeru Miyamoto's second classic series made it's debut on the NES. While not as expansive or exciting as future Zelda games, the original introduced the free roaming elements, open ended structure, and sense of adventure that no other games could offer. Instead of restricting the player by having them travel from point A to B, Zelda blew gamers minds by offering them the first truly free roaming world in a video game.

1 - Super Mario Bros 3

While Super Mario Bros introduced the world to Mario and his games of platforming perfection, SMB3 took every element that made the original a classic, and expanded on it in every conceivable way. Released after massive amounts of hype, SMB3 featured storable items, 8 huge worlds that allowed gamers to choose their own path, improved graphics that allowed Mario's personality to shine through, and a wider variety of level types. Released in 1988, arguably the only platform game to ever top SMB3 was Nintendo's own follow up on the SNES - Super Mario World. As far as the NES goes, however, SMB3 is without equal.
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