Top 5 Products to Help You Groom Your Baby

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Babies are precious, and they require special attention, including their own grooming products. Most everyone has heard of diaper rash, and first-time parents quickly become versed in the various creams and techniques needed to treat their baby's discomfort. Just as baby's bottom is tender, so are the skin, hair, and nails. Fortunately, a large number of specialty baby products are available to meet baby's needs. From shampoos to skin lotions and hair products, there is a baby equivalent for most adult grooming products. Rather than guessing what product to purchase, parents should research common baby grooming products to alleviate anxiety and save money.
1 Baby Cleansers
Baby Cleansers

Managing to keep babies clean without harming newborn skin is daunting for some new parents. Cleansers rid skin of the oils, dirt, and grease commonly encountered in day-to-day living. For a baby, ridding the body of beneficial oils and lubricants may not always be the best solution. Within the medical profession, experts debate types of baby cleansers as well as bathing frequency. Fortunately, parents have a choice between traditional, long-standing cleansers, and new, natural, and organic cleansers. Depending on baby's skin type, one of these specific types of cleansers may be more appropriate.


2 Baby Moisturisers
Baby Moisturisers

Moisturisers are an important part of baby skin care. They help keep skin smooth and also prevent dryness. Moisturisers used by adults often contain heavy creams that clog pores. For older skin, this may not be a problem. Baby moisturisers, however, treat baby skin with lighter, more permeable formulas. In addition, knowing if a home is piping hard or soft water helps prepare parents for skin conditions a baby may develop. When a home uses hard water, there is a greater likelihood that baby skin becomes dry. Consequently, using a mild, effective moisturiser takes away parents' worries and keeps baby happy and comfortable.


3 Diaper Aids
Diaper Aids

Nappy rash, or diaper rash, is a common affliction among babies. Prevention is always better than a cure, but once a baby has a rash, parents want to get rid of it as soon as possible. Keeping baby's bottom clean and dry is critical to preventing diaper rash. Parents should change baby's diaper as soon as it becomes soiled. When cleaning baby's bottom, they should pat the area clean rather than rub, as rubbing may irritate skin further. After cleaning baby's bottom, parents should let baby move about diaper-free to allow the skin to dry naturally. Once dry, they can apply a thick layer of diaper ointment, zinc oxide, or petroleum jelly to baby's bottom. This prevents irritation from rubbing and allows the skin to heal. Furthermore, when fastening a nappy, parents should avoid making it too tight. Tight nappies prevent blood and air circulation to the bottom region and make rashes more likely to occur.


4 Baby Hair Products
Baby Hair Products

Some babies are born with a head full of hair, while others have very little hair for several months. Babies with locks need a shampoo suited to their requirements. Just like baby skin, infant hair needs a gentle cleanser to remove dust and dirt. Instead of using an adult shampoo on infant hair, parents have the choice of several baby shampoos. Tear-free formulas are excellent, as they allow a baby to enjoy bath time without soap stinging their eyes. Also available are natural and organic shampoos preferred by some parents. To ensure baby hair stays tangle free, a wide-toothed comb or a very soft brush on freshly washed and dried hair stops tangles from forming.


5 Baby Sunblock
Baby Sunblock

Depending on where parents live, sunblock may not be something that comes to mind when managing baby skin care. However, even on a cloudy day, UV rays cause damage to delicate skin. The best way to ensure a baby is unaffected by the sun is to keep him in the shade. Using sun hats and sun umbrellas also keep baby skin protected. If a child is older than 6 months, doctors recommend sunblock. Parents should use products with a high SPF rating (30 is recommended) and avoid using combination products, such as sunscreen and insect repellent. Combination products may have chemicals that can harm baby skin.


How to Buy Baby Grooming Products

Using eBay to research, purchase, and arrange delivery of baby items is an excellent option for busy parents. Depending on the age of a child, refining search terms to yield specific age results makes shopping even easier. When purchasing online, parents can investigate if a particular seller has several items that are suitable for their baby. Buying several items at once often allows parents to save money on shipping. Prepared with the top five products, parents are ready for any grooming need.
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