Top 5 Rear-Projection Televisions

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 With flat-screen TVs dominating the market, drawing appeal with their thin size, high-definition display, and the increasing integration of " smart TV" capabilities, many people have forgotten about rear-projection TVs. They are essentially the CRT TV's cousin, typically featuring a similar physical appearance in terms of size, but they are also much cheaper than flat screens and plasma TVs. Additionally, more recent iterations of the often forgotten TV are much smaller in size than their ancestors, and some come close to resembling their flat-screen counterparts. Overall, rear-projection televisions serve as a great way to get a bigger screen without breaking the bank. With a little well-informed and careful shopping, finding the right rear-projection television is easy.
1 Sagem HD-D45H

Sagem is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality rear-projection TVs, and the HD-D45H is no exception. The TV features a thin frame and speakers that complement the screen size, but it does require a large TV stand. While it is large, most of the bulk comes from the screen itself. One of the major benefits of the TV is the first-class connectivity, with two HDMI ports, VGA, component, and S-video connections. Other features include an integrated Freeview tuner, allowing consumers to view specific live broadcast TV channels free, and the memory card slot located on the side of the television, with memory stick, MMC, and SD connectivity for devices like Apple TV and Google Chromecast.


2 Sony KDF-E50A12U

Another top-quality choice from one of the industry's leading manufacturers is the Sony KDF-E50A12U. The TV features a Sony exclusive technology, 3LCD technology, for a crisp, clear, colourful picture, as well as a built-in Freeview digital tuner, allowing consumers to freely view live broadcast television. The TV is quite cost effective in terms of the size of the screen compared to the price, making it a great buy for anyone looking to save money. It comes equipped with an HDMI input port, as well as S-video, composite, and multiple Scart terminal inputs, making it versatile as it trudges through the coming digital age of television during its lifetime.


3 Toshiba 52WM48P

Toshiba brings the 52WM48P to the table, with an appealing, modern design, numerous features, and a budget-friendly price. The TV offers a nice selection of connectivity options, including HDMI, Scart terminal inputs, component, and VGA connections, allowing the consumer to connect anything from a Blu-ray player to a video game console to a computer. Equipped with Toshiba's Active Vision picture-processing technology, it is capable of displaying in 14:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios. The television is a well-rounded product from Toshiba, and with the cost-effectiveness of the screen size to price, it is a perfect addition to any home-entertainment centre on a budget.


4 Samsung SP-50L7HX

The Samsung SP-50L7HX is a prime choice in rear-projection televisions, boasting considerably good picture quality and numerous features, perhaps only outweighed by the device's whopping 78 kg on the scale. The TV rocks a 1280x768 native resolution, making it high-definition capable, and features a proprietary Digital Natural Image engine (DNIe) system to enhance picture quality considerably on standard-definition content. The television also features an HDMI port, three Scart inputs, S-video, and a VGA port for PC compatibility, which makes for one huge, high-def-enabled computer monitor.


5 Sony KDS-55A2000

Perhaps one of the sleekest rear-projection TVs of its time, the Sony KDS-55A2000 completely rethinks the design of the traditional rear-projection TV, boasting a thin, lightweight design and crystal-clear picture quality, easily mistakable for an LCD flat screen or plasma TV from the front. Sony equipped the television with connectivity options, as it features two HDMI inputs, two sets of component inputs, three RGB Scart inputs, and a VGA input, for use with anything from a DVD player to a computer. It also features full 1080p resolution, though only available via HDMI connection. Given its overall screen size, low weight, versatile connectivity, and excellent picture quality, it proves to be an exceptional alternative to the pricier LCD and plasma-screen TVs.


How to Buy Rear-Projection Televisions on eBay

If you are in the market for a rear-projection television, a great place to shop, offering a variety of products and prices, is eBay. Simply enter the keywords " rear-projection TV" into the search bar for a list of available items. You can further refine your search by entering specific keywords relevant to your search. With flat-screen and plasma TVs' high picture quality, low weight, and thin design, they are desirable, but still a bit pricey. For those looking for a large-screen TV with exceptional picture quality, a rear-projection television is the solution. Despite early models being bulky, heavy, and comparable to CRT TVs, modern rear-projection TVs have gone the way of the flat screen, shrinking in size and weight.
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