Top 5 Shoe Care Items for Dress Shoes

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To save money and prolong the life of dress shoes, consumers must take precautions, perform regular maintenance, and purchase a number of basic shoe care items. Appropriate shoe polish ensures shoes remain clean and smart. Shoppers must be sure to use the correct polishing technique for best results. Edge dressing recolours and protects the sole edges and heel of the shoe. Shoe taps greatly increase the lifespan of a dress shoe and save money by negating the need to resole the shoe. Shoe trees keep leather shoes in perfect shape, extending the life of the shoe, maintaining the appearance and also make effective polishing easier.
1 Polish

Shoe polish is an essential shoe care item for leather dress shoes. Consumers must ensure they purchase shoe polish that matches the colour of their shoes. Using black shoe polish on brown leather, for example, is disastrous. One of the most popular shoe polish product manufacturers in the UK and across the globe is Kiwi, who offer everything from traditional tins of shoe polish to liquid polish sticks. When polishing shoes, be sure to lay plenty of newspaper on the work area as shoe polish is notoriously difficult to remove from wood and soft furnishings. Use a wet rag or a shoe brush to remove dirt, dust, and debris from the exterior of the shoes. Using a shoe polish brush, apply a liberal amount of shoe polish to the shoes, working it in with the brush. Remember to get down into the seams and stitching of the shoes for the best results. Make sure the coating is as even as possible for a smooth finish. Allow to dry for around 15 minutes. Using a horse hair shine brush, scrub the shoes vigorously, removing any excess polish, and leaving only a fine, even coating. Dampen a cloth or cotton ball then put a small amount of polish on the damp cotton ball and apply to the toe and heel of the shoe, working in small, vigorous, circular motions. Consumers can repeat this process until they get the appropriate amount of shine in these key areas.


2 Edge Dressing
Edge Dressing

Edge dressing is a liquid that effectively protects the heel and sole edges from scuffs and scrapes. It also restores colour to these areas. Apply the liquid carefully, using a clean cloth or the applicator that comes with the liquid. Ensure the sole edges and shoe heel are well covered then set the shoe aside and allow to dry while resting on the newspaper.


3 Shoe Taps
Shoe Taps

Shoe taps sit on the heel and/or toe of the shoe. They are plastic or metal and prevent the sole of the shoe wearing down. They are inexpensive and save substantial sums of money, negating the need for having the shoes resoled frequently. They are easy to apply using strong adhesive, staples, or small tacks. Shoe taps can be positioned differently to accommodate the specific gait of the shoe owner. For example, for consumers who tend to walk with an outward supination, position shoe taps toward the outward edge where supination occurs, preventing the outward edge of the sole wearing away.


4 Shoe Trees
Shoe Trees

Shoe trees are useful items for dress shoe care. The best shoe trees are cedar, which is long lasting and durable and effectively controls foot odour. Shoe trees are generally adjustable to account for different shoe sizes. They fit inside the shoe and help maintain the shape, preventing wrinkling or creasing of the leather. The are also very useful when cleaning or polishing the shoes. Consumers should leave the shoe trees in when cleaning and polishing, as it maintains the shape perfectly and allows users to get polish into all exterior areas with ease. Storing shoes with shoe trees properly placed inside significantly increases the lifespan of the shoes.


5 Suede Shoe Brush
Suede Shoe Brush

For those with suede shoes, a suede shoe brush is vital. A standard shoe brush, suited to leather shoes, causes significant damage to suede shoes and greatly reduces their lifespan. Suede shoe brushes are suitable for suede and nubuck shoes. These brushes, when used properly and regularly, maintain the nap of the shoe and help to keep it looking clean and fresh by removing dirt and debris from between the fibres. Consumers should only ever use a suede brush on their shoes when the shoes are completely dry to avoid causing damage.


How to Buy Shoe Care Items for Dress Shoes

Find an array of shoe care items for dress shoes on eBay, all at competitive prices. Reputable eBay sellers offer everything you need to keep your dress shoes looking pristine with just a few clicks. Use the search tools to identify your items quickly and effortlessly, check the feedback of the seller to ensure they have a good eBay reputation, complete your purchase and await its arrival at your door. Purchase high quality shoe polish that matches the colour of your leather dress shoes and a horse hair brush to assist you. Opt for a shoe tree to keep those shoes in the right shape, with no creases. Choose shoe taps if you have an abnormal gait or wear your soles out quickly. For suede or nubuck dress shoes, opt for a simple suede shoe brush.
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